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Two face charges over an online image of footballer Sala’s body

Sherry Bray and Christopher Ashford will both face charges for posting online images of Emiliano Sala's body after his life was cut short in a plane crash.

Five killed in Honduras plane crash, no survivors

The causes of the crash and the registration information for the aircraft are not immediately available.

Federal probe launched into fatal collision of Alaska tourist planes

The National Transportation Safety Board investigators are expected to arrive in the southeast Alaska town of Ketchikan,during the afternoon.

Five dead, one missing in seaplanes mid-air collision in Alaska

Two seaplanes boarded with tourists collided mid-air in a remote Alaskan area. Search-and-rescue teams are investigating the accident and searching for the missing tourist.

US ends support for Japan crashed fighter jet search

Some debris has already been recovered from the high-tech F-35A.

Russian airline cancels Sukhoi Superjet order after fatal crash

Yamal Airlines general director Vasily Kryuk says servicing costs are too high.

Pilot says lightning caused deadly Russian crash landing

The aircraft's black boxes have been found and handed over to investigators.

Russia sees no need to ground Sukhoi plane after fatal crash

Russia has recovered the bodies of 41 people killed in the accident.

Cardiff ‘shocked’ by Sala pilot report

Cardiff has declared their support for the Air Charter Association's call for more awareness and better enforcement against illegal flights.

Sala pilot not authorised to fly at night, says BBC report

The pilot that was transporting Premier League striker Emiliano Sala from Nantes in France to Cardiff City, UK was not authorised to fly at night. 

Funerals for Ethiopia crash victims but little to bury

Families in 35 nations were left bereaved when the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft plummeted from the sky just minutes into its flight to Nairobi, killing all 157 passengers and crew on board.

Off-duty pilot saved Lion Air’s 737 MAX jet before doomed flight

That extra pilot correctly diagnosed the problem and told the crew how to disable a malfunctioning flight-control system and save the plane.

High speed, then a failed climb for doomed Ethiopia flight

A voice from the cockpit of flight ET302 requested to climb to 14,000ft above sea level before urgently asking to return to the airport.

Excavators may be damaging Ethiopia crash site

Witnesses say some policemen have also been taking selfies inside the yellow tape lines demarcating the scene.

Canadian family loses 3 generations in Ethiopian plane crash

They were on their way to a Kenya vacation when the plane crashed minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa, killing passengers and crew from more than 30 countries.

2 days on, loved ones of plane crash victims await closure

The airline says it has found the plane's 2 black boxes with cockpit voice and data recordings, which it is hoped will shed light on the cause of the tragedy.

Kenyan football federation official killed in Addis Ababa crash

Kenya reportedly suffered the highest casualties from the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash.

2 short, erratic flights end in tragedy: Could they be linked?

The circumstances leading to the crash of an Ethiopian plane bears striking similarities to the tragic Lion Air crash in October last year.

19 UN-affiliated personnel killed in Ethiopian crash, says agency chief

All 157 people on board were killed when the Boeing 737 crashed shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa on a flight to Nairobi, where the UN conference was being held.

Warnock says Cardiff will deal with Sala fee ‘in the right...

Sala reportedly signed a potentially invalid contract with Cardiff.

Cardiff considering legal action against Nantes over Sala ‘negligence’

A successful negligence claim against Nantes could reduce the transfer fee that Cardiff owes the French club.

Tragic footballer Emiliano Sala’s funeral takes place in Argentina

A public vigil was held in a gymnasium in Progreso, the modest village in the province of Santa Fe which Sala left as a teenager to forge a career in Europe.

‘It’s a bad dream,’ Sala’s father says after plane recovered

Emiliano Sala's father is in shock and grief after son's crashed plane discovered.

We saw final moments of MH370, say fishermen

Four fishermen from Indonesia claim to have witnessed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 going down in the Straits of Melaka.