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Tag: plastics

UK supermarkets go ‘nude’ with plastic-free zones

Retailers in Britain are starting to embrace the 'Food in the Nude' campaigns which promotes stripping their shelves of plastic wrapping.

Indonesian village welcomes foreign ‘treasure’ trash

While governments around the world are grappling with how to tackle the scourge of single-use plastic, the people of Bangun say trash equals cash.

Sea of waste found on banks of Sungai Muda in Kedah

Group raises concern over health risk as water is treated for consumption in Kedah and Penang.

Campaigns alone won’t win war against plastic waste

The government should focus more on manufacturers and less on consumer behaviour to reduce use of plastics.

Green groups see more litter since anti-plastic drive

An activist says people appear to feel less guilty about discarding biodegradable alternatives.

Use leaves to wrap vegetables instead, say green activists

Putrajaya urged to come up with creative ways to reduce plastic waste, as is being done in other countries.

EU parliament approves ban on single use plastics

The EU will encourage member states to reduce the use of plastic packaging and introduce stricter labelling rules.

Action to be taken against 51 illegal plastic factories in Selangor

The state government will cut off their water and electricity supply.

EU countries back single-use plastics ban

The council also called for national targets to cut the consumption of single-use plastics where there is currently no environmentally-friendly alternative.

Rising use of plastics to drive oil demand to 2050

Petrochemicals that are derived from oil and gas feedstocks form the building blocks for products that range from plastic bottles and beauty products to fertilisers and explosives.

US-China trade talks end with no breakthrough as tariffs kick in

The Chinese commerce ministry said both sides had a constructive and candid exchange over trade issues, and will stay in touch on the next steps.

Swimmer resumes Pacific crossing record attempt

Part adventurer, part environmentalist, Lecomte organised the swim to raise awareness of plastic contamination and ocean pollution.

Australia’s Bingo buys domestic rival to gain from China waste import...

The acquisition comes in the wake of China, the world's biggest importer of plastic waste, having stopped accepting refuse shipments of plastic and paper in March.

France to set penalties on non-recycled plastic

Brune Poirson, secretary of state for ecological transition, said the move was one of several to be implemented in coming years, including a deposit-refund scheme for plastic bottles.

China’s metal recyclers rush to divert or sell US cargoes as...

US scrap metal, waste paper and plastics cargoes arriving in China from August 23 will incur the new 25% levy after China announced on Wednesday its final list of tariffs on US$16 billion of US goods.

Sea turtles’ sad fate: From restaurant menus to plastic ‘soup’

Many turtles are found floating, barely alive, having eaten so much plastic that they become buoyant and can no longer dive into the depths where they live and feed.

TPPA will boost plastic exports, say factories

Manufacturers want pact signed quickly as huge market will be good for manufacturers.