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Spare us the charade on PH manifesto

Pakatan Harapan's manifesto is no longer sacrosanct, and everybody knows it.

PH: What U-turn, we have 5 years to keep pledge on...

Pakatan Harapan’s Rais Hussin says although a former judge has been elected as Dewan Rakyat speaker, PH still has five years in which to keep its ‘long-term’ pledge of having an MP as speaker.

How will people look at PH in 4-5 years?

People are not in a rush to judge Pakatan Harapan but the euphoria will soon dissipate, which means PH will have to start now to resolve issues affecting the public.

It’s only been 30 days, we still have time, says Wan...

The deputy prime minister says Pakatan Harapan is working to fulfil its promises but needs time to implement some of the initiatives.

Rich nations spend $100 bln a year on fossil fuels despite...

Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States - known as the Group of Seven (G7) - pledged in 2016 to phase out their support for fossil fuels by 2025.

PH govt taking easy way out to fulfil pledges, says Umno

The opposition party says this includes a proposal to dispose of a 25% stake in Petronas to service 1MDB's debts and the federal debt.

Nurul Izzah: I will do my part as a reformist

The Permatang Pauh MP is coy about being part of Cabinet, but says everyone has a role to play, not just ministers.

Why I love it when politicians don’t keep promises

This general election could see the most number of promises in an election, ever.

Opposition to focus on Batu Sumpah pledges, says Kit Siang

He says these pledges, made during formation of Sabah, must be upheld by the current federal and state governments.