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7 MA63 issues resolved, 14 need further discussion, says PM’s office

The outstanding issues are expected to be resolved before Aug 31.

PMO nafi Dr M hantar emel rayu sokongan, promosi Bitcoin

Pejabat perdana menteri membuat laporan kepada SKMM terhadap penyalahgunaan nama Mahathir Mohamad dalam emel dan laman web.

PMO requested to defer CEO’s appointment, says TM chairman

TM says its board of directors had recommended the appointment of acting CEO Imri Mokhtar as MD/GCEO to the finance ministry.

Raya bonus of RM450 each for civil servants

The Prime Minister's Office says civil servants from Grade 56 and below will receive the money on May 24.

TH remains under the Prime Minister’s Department

The pilgrims' fund will not be placed under the finance ministry.

Lawyer Syed Zaid Albar is new SC chairman

The lawyer takes over from Ranjit Ajit Singh.

Banker Hasnita is new Mara chief, Mydin and ex-Proton boss onboard

Hasnita Hashim has a PhD in nuclear physics from Oxford.

Why money not kept in bank earning interest, Umno asked

Aliran questions if Umno's constitution allows the president to keep huge amounts of cash belonging to the party.

MACC to call in Najib over claim RM3.5 mil belongs...

Former PM wants money returned to party after 17 people were detained on suspicion of misappropriating money.

Report: Veteran newsman Kadir appointed as PM’s media adviser

He reportedly received his appointment letter in July.

Pos Malaysia: We did seek permission for Dr M stamps

Spokesman says the photographers behind the images used in the commemorative stamps are also credited.

Dr M chairs first post-GE Wednesday Cabinet meeting

It is the first time he carries out official duties from the government complex.

PH leaders propose ways to cut corruption, boost efficiency

Wong Chen and Charles Santiago say ministries need to be streamlined and reviews carried out on the roles of various commissions.

Fake news, PMO says of recording on Rosmah

The Prime Minister's Office urges the public to use their judgment when presented with such allegations.

PMO: Majlis umum calon BN bukan pada 2 April

Kenyataan PMO yang dimuat naik melalui Facebook dan Twitter menjelaskan, laporan berkenaan hanyalah spekulasi pihak media.

PMO: Mukhriz guna syarikat UK untuk PRU13, bukan kerajaan

Cambridge Analytica tidak pernah dikontrak, diambil bekerja atau dibayar dalam apa-apa cara oleh BN, PMO atau kerajaan Malaysia.

Anwar: Angkat sumpah Raus ‘titik hitam sejarah kehakiman’

Perlembagaan Persekutuan tidak membenarkan pelantikan itu, kata Anwar Ibrahim.

99% of claims against Rosmah false, says PM’s special officer

These included accusations that she controls her husband, says the PM’s special officer Rizal Mansor.

Cabinet approves RCI on Bank Negara forex losses

This is to protect public interests by determining the extent to which the losses had affected national reserves.

Hishammuddin appointed ‘minister with special functions’

He will remain as defence minister, says Prime Minister Najib Razak.

PM’s office denies Najib issued letter seeking contributions

The fake letter was sent to the chairmen and CEOs of private organisations and government companies seeking their loyalty for GE14.

State funeral service for S R Nathan on Aug 26

The state funeral service will be followed by a private cremation at Mandai Crematorium.

PMO: Pahang Mufti’s statement just an opinion, not a fatwa

PM’s Office says non-Muslim Malaysians cannot be categorised as kafir harbi as they are citizens of this country, are protected by the country's laws and are not at war with the government.

‘It’s just a lie by Mahathir to save Mukhriz’

PM’s Office says Saudi Arabia has confirmed that the RM2.6 billion in PM’s bank accounts was a genuine donation and this proves it did not come from 1MDB.