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Britain accuses ‘reckless Russia’ of breaking chemical arms ban

Britain accused Russia on Wednesday of breaking the two-decade international ban on chemical weapons, at emergency talks on last month's poisoning with a nerve agent of a former Russian spy.

Indonesia arrests suspected deadly homebrew kingpin

The alleged bootleg liquor boss will be charged with selling dangerous goods which carries a maximum life term.

Poisoned spy’s pets are dead, UK confirms

A cat and two guinea pigs owned by the former double agent poisoned in the UK are dead, the British government confirmed late Thursday after questions were raised by Russia.

Russia says spy poisoning ‘grotesque provocation’ by UK, US

Moscow has angrily denied any involvement, but London has rallied support of its stance from other EU nations.

Russian envoy to UK pens letter to cop sick from nerve...

Alexander Yakovenko has told Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey that he hoped the officer, as well as targeted ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, "get well soon".

Russian FM threatens to ‘hit back’ at Britain over spy poisoning

Sergei Lavrov says if Britain continues taking anti-Russian measures, Russia "will hit back under the principle of reciprocity."

Russia expels 23 British diplomats in spy poisoning crisis

Russian foreign ministry says this was a response to Britain's "provocative actions" and "baseless accusations over the incident in Salisbury on March 4".

The Telegraph: Nerve agent planted in luggage of Russian agent’s daughter

Britain has said the toxin was Novichok, a lethal nerve agent first developed by the Soviet military.

Britain expels 23 Russian diplomats

United States, EU and Nato support move by Britain in the wake of chemical attack on ex-spy in the United Kingdom.

The scientist who leaked Russia’s Novichok ‘conspiracy’

Vil Mirzayanov revealed the truth about the USSR's experimentation with Novichok.

May: ‘Highly likely’ Russia responsible for spy poisoning

May was telling British lawmakers that the military-grade nerve agent used in the attack was of a type developed by Russia.

France’s ‘Black Widow’ on trial for poisoning four seniors

If found guilty, Patricia Dagorn could face a life sentence.

Stray dog poisoning video sparks Lebanon outcry

Welfare organisation Animals Lebanon, which posted the video, said it was seeking action from the government.

Malaysia seeks China’s aid to reach Jong Nam’s family

Kim Jong Nam's daughter is expected to arrive here on Sunday, according to a security source quoted by The Telegraph.

House vacated over mercury contamination

Residents complain of body aches, headaches and being nauseous after exposure to mercury their children found near their village.