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Tag: Poland

Lewandowski out to add to dream season start for Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski has a habit of scoring against Cologne, with 9 goals in 12 games.

US finish seventh at World Cup after Poland win

This is the worst-ever performance for team USA at the World Cup.

US approves sale of F-35 fighters to Poland

Using F-35s will boost the country's interoperability with NATO, which is adopting F-35s for part of its members' fleets.

Huawei feels no big impact from Czech, Polish security fears

Huawei says it’s business as usual in Europe despite warning from a Czech cybersecurity watchdog that the tech giant's technology could pose a security threat.

Poland criticises Russia’s ‘imperialist tendencies’

Poland’s president did not mention Russia specifically but called out Moscow’s military actions against Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014.

Poland marks 80th anniversary of start of World War 2

Few places saw death and destruction on the scale of Poland where it lost about a fifth of its population.

Zelensky slams Nord Stream 2 as Ukraine seeks US gas

Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine holds the same position as Poland that Nord Stream 2 is unacceptable and threatens Europe as a whole.

Poland wants sanctions against Russia over Crimea to continue

The EU and the United States have both imposed sanctions on Russia over its role in the Ukraine conflict.

Taufan Dorian: Trump batal lawatan ke Poland

Naib Presiden Mike Pence akan menghadiri Majlis Peringatan Perang Dunia ke-2 di Eropah tengah sebagai menggantikan Trump.

Lewandowski extends Bayern deal to 2023

Robert Lewandowski believes he can help Bayern Munich achieve a lot more in the coming years.

US, Poland to sign 5G deal when Trump visits

The planned accord comes after months of lobbying by the United States for Warsaw and other European governments to ban business with China's Huawei.

Over 2 dozen rescuers try to save trapped cavers in Poland

The two explorers were trapped after a narrow tunnel was flooded, blocking their exit.

Pride and prejudice: Poland at war over gay rights before vote

Poland remains staunchly Catholic and conservatives are increasingly campaigning against LGBT, or gender 'ideology' which they believe threatens traditional family values.

Poland scraps taxes for young adults to curb emigration

While the move to do away with taxes for young adults have been welcomed, some are sceptical of the move, stating an underlying motive by the government.

Polish bishops accuse Ikea of ‘LGBT indoctrination’

The bishops congratulates the man sacked for posting a homophobic comment in the Ikea's internal site for his ‘courage’ in defending his faith.

AS setuju hantar tambahan 1,000 anggota tentera ke Poland

Penambahan tentera AS di Poland mencetuskan kebimbangan keselamatan terbaru di Eropah.

US will deploy 1,000 troops to Poland; Warsaw may call them...

US President Donald Trump announces he will deploy 1,000 US troops to Poland, a step sought by Warsaw to deter potential aggression from Russia.

Polish woman gives birth to sextuplets

The babies comprising of four girls are two boys are the first of its kind in Poland.

Young urbanites help revive Poland’s mazurka folk dance

'It was forgotten, but when I see all these young people who come to learn from me, I forget I'm old,' says one of the last surviving masters of the mazurka.

Gay atheist in Catholic heartland plots to save his country

Robert Biedron wants to pull his country away from pious nationalism and homophobia that’s permeated society under the current government.

Harry Potter books burned by Catholic priests in Poland

Catholic priests in Poland burnt Harry Potter books for what they claimed were against God's word.

Poland advocates for a long Brexit delay if deal not passed,...

Poland is one of the EU countries lenient enough to allow further delays to Brexit.

Rare albino penguin makes debut at Polish zoo

Zoo staff are waiting until they are able to determine its sex to name the youngster.

Polish mobile operator Play warns of costs, delays if Huawei banned

Warsaw is considering excluding 5G from its next-generation network over concerns that Huawei could be equipped with back doors for the Chinese government.