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Dr M has to do what he has to do

The country is in dire need of solutions and the PM cannot be playing 'Mr Nice Guy' all the time.

China’s Xi urges financial risk prevention while seeking stable growth

Xi says it is necessary to focus on preventing risks on the basis of steady growth, while strengthening the countercyclical adjustment of fiscal policy and monetary policy.

Taiwan’s traditional medicine stores struggle on life support

Taiwan's approach contrasts with that of China and Hong Kong where authorities have pushed policies to boost and export traditional medicine.

UK economy shows signs of Brexit strain in first week of...

Data shows the housing market had its worst 12 months since 2013 last year.

Are we getting the changes we voted for?

Every day, there is talk about scandals, debts, wastage, poor governance but have we even begun to harvest some of the low-hanging fruit?

Anwar: Don’t neglect poor and marginalised

Incoming PKR president stresses on need for affirmative action to be vigorously promoted based on needs.

Malaysia slips 14 spots in Economic Freedom ranking

Think tank says although Economic Freedom of the World 2018 ranking is based on 2016-2017 data, there is a need for comprehensive review of economic policies.

‘Govt repeating mistakes of old in handling GLCs’

Economist questions why government following what previous administration did despite saying it wanted to reform GLCs.

We need more data to fix mental health issues, says MP

Subang MP Wong Chen says the government cannot formulate policies 'based on gut feelings'.

Be clear on China-related policies, business body tells Putrajaya

The Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce says 'vague and ambiguous' statements by government leaders could impact the economy.

BOJ’s Kuroda: no rate hike ‘for an extended time’

The BOJ pledged to keep interest rates "extremely low" for an extended period and adjusted policy so it could buy stocks and bonds more flexibly.

China says Trump’s ‘America First’ policies are hurting US

The Chinese Communist Party’s top newspaper issued a rare direct criticism of President Donald Trump’s agenda, saying his “America First” policies were hurting his own people and fomenting discontent in the country.

Ties with Japan will be raised to higher level, says Saifuddin

Foreign minister says this is in line with importance being given to Malaysia's relationship with Japan and Look East Policy 2.0.

SME Corp should come under us, says Entrepreneur Development Ministry

Ministry says this will ensure entrepreneurial policies will be more holistic and comprehensive.

It’s easy for politicians to talk

We had high hopes when the new government came into power, but many of those hopes seem still unfulfilled.

Government to review foreign access to local car market

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says even 'Milo tin' cars can enter the local market, but Malaysia's cars are not allowed into foreign markets.

AI tips off regulators to possible EU data privacy faults

The software uses natural language processing, a subfield of machine learning aimed at understanding language.

FT minister: Umno appointees on DBKL advisory board must leave

Khalid Abdul Samad says they will be replaced with qualified MPs with the approval of DBKL.

China says carefully monitoring US policies on inbound investments

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) expands the scope of transactions reviewed by the interagency panel to address security concerns.

Hit by extreme weather, Zimbabwe rolls out triple climate policy

A new Climate Smart Agriculture Policy focuses on ensuring farmers and agricultural advisers adopt climate-hardy farming practices.

Argentina’s largest labour group calls strike, raising pressure on Macri

The CGT called for a strike on June 25 to protest against the government’s economic policies.

Putrajaya’s fiscal policies pivotal to credit quality, says Moody’s

The ratings agency says it will also examine any new policies holistically to gauge their impact on the credit profile.

Macron’s campaign economists warn French leader over rich-friendly policies

The criticism is the latest sign of the trouble created by Macron's economic reforms among the centre-left supporters who propelled him to power last year.

Think Malaysian, urges Chin Tong

The DAP strategist notes that for far too long, issues have been discussed along racial lines, with Malaysians harping on their strong racial identity.