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Tag: political protest

Maria’s arrest rouses storm of criticism

Opposition politicians and Aliran take authorities to task for using anti-terrorism law against Bersih leader.

‘Sarawak Bersih whimper shows wariness of foreign link’

PBB's Idris says low turnout shows political maturity of Sarawakians towards empty rhetoric of rally organisers.

Ronnie Liu faints in lock up, taken to hospital

Former assemblyman did not have his medicine for high blood pressure after being detained on the eve of Bersih 5.

On ‘clueless puppets’ who turn up for political rallies

A former Bersih participant shares his thoughts online about the rally-goers and how they think.

Downpour dampens Sarawak Bersih rally

Organisers say some 400 people braved the rain to turn up for the rally despite the area being cordoned off.

Police avert clash of rallies at Dataran Merdeka

Leaders of Bersih and Red Shirts fail to persuade police to reopen the approaches to the square.

Maria held under Sosma: shocking news for Paulsen

Human rights activist says Bersih chairman has nothing to do with terrorism or violence.

So far, so good: all quiet on the rally front

Political analysts say peaceful gathering possible because of steps taken by the authorities and organisers, and lack of political provocation.

Ex-govt servant says it’s time for a new government

Retiree Azizan Saad says he will attend rallies despite his age as he wants to see change.

Police sound warning against ‘illegal’ Bersih gatherings

Deputy IGP says some Bersih road convoy gatherings were not informed to the police as required.

Anti-Bersih groups gather for show of strength

After reports of harassment of Bersih convoys, martial arts group show support for Jamal Yunos.

Syed Saddiq faces sedition probe for plea to Sultan

IGP Khalid Abu Bakar says several reports lodged against the open letter asking Sultan to reconsider ban on street demonstrations.

Police stop Kula’s Bersih talk at food court

Ipoh Barat MP says two policemen threatened to take away the microphone, if he and Bercham assemblyman continued speaking.

Red Shirts put on physical show at Malaysiakini

Some members break bricks with bare hands, others take beatings with sticks, and their leader Jamal Yunos says protests will go on.

Khairy: Don’t let Bersih march to Dataran

Umno Youth leader urges police to close all the roads that Bersih plans to use for the march on Nov 19.

Khairy: Red Shirts okay, but nay to Bersih

Umno Youth leader reminds members they face disciplinary action if they take part in the planned Bersih 5 street rally on Nov 19.

Teresa: Act against Jamal for saying ‘bathed in blood’

Seputeh MP says IGP should view the threat with seriousness because Red Shirts followers have taken violent action.

Maria Chin arrested in Sabah

Bersih 2.0 reform group says its chairman was arrested for distributing flyers in Langkon, Sabah.

Jamal claims Bersih behind the scuffles

But Maria Chin Abdullah rejects his 'wild accusation' and says 'we are not into paying anybody to do violence and we have never done that'.

Selangor police will uphold people’s right to protest

Deputy police chief says action will be taken against those defying the law and causing chaos, whether organisers or outsiders.

Police to probe anti-Bersih group for intimidation

Reporters and videographer of The Star and Malaysiakini harrassed while covering Bersih convoy in Selangor.

Maria: Red Shirts threats won’t stop us

Bersih 5 rally in KL will go ahead as planned, but locations will not be disclosed until the right time.

Jamal: Police treat Red Shirts ‘like dogs’

Leader of pro-Umno group claims police are giving preferential treatment to Bersih's road convoys.

Tamil group says Indians are not govt vote bank

Head of Naam Tamilar says presence of former Sri Lankan president in Malaysia an insult to Malaysian Tamils.