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This Hari Raya, a ceasefire video from FMT

Ruling and opposition politicians come together to wish Malaysians Selamat Hari Raya.

Arrest politicians sowing hatred to stop terrorism, says anti-crime expert

USM's P Sundramoorthy says politicians have the power to directly and indirectly influence ordinary folk to carry out acts of violence and it is time the police acted against any politician fuelling racial and religious hatred.

No more honorary military ranks for politicians, celebrities, says Mat Sabu

The defence minister says only those who undergo military training are allowed to be conferred such ranks or to don uniforms.

In Malaysia, is sorry really the hardest word?

It seems that apologies in the political arena have little to do with strengthening national cohesion and more to do with massaging egos.

Hate, spins, lies, and politics

The high moral ground to which many subscribe early in their political career normally descends into a slippery path of moral decadence.

Nik Abduh’s lie and the alarming attitude that can sink the...

By being tolerant of the lies and half-truths of politicians, many have accepted the stand that anything is okay as long as it furthers the party’s or group’s cause or goal.

Our leaders need a change in mindset – but so do...

Most of us are unwilling to change our beliefs, and the less we know about an issue, the more extreme our opinions seem to be.

Written in the stars: In chaos, Thai politicians turn to clairvoyants

Politicians and the public turn to clairvoyants ahead of election season.

Politicians and their obsession with fake degrees

Can we trust politicians who have no qualms about using a fake degree when they declare their assets to the public?

Politicos register for Thailand’s first election since 2014 coup

Recent days have seen echoes of Thailand's formerly rambunctious politics, with outdoor political announcements, campaign posters and loudspeakers on vans touting political slogans.

GLC posts: Does it matter if they are politicians or non-politicians?

Don’t sideline politicians just because they are politicians and don’t appoint professionals just simply because they are professionals.

Don’t make GLC appointments a political reward, says think tank

Centre for a Better Tomorrow expresses concern over recent appointments of politicians to lead GLCs, saying only qualified professionals should head these firms and agencies.

Politicians should focus on the vital few, not the trivial many

Travelling by economy class, eating at a hawker centre, not using official cars for private business, and going out of the way to help one person in distress are examples of the trivial many.

France bracing for bigger, more violent ‘yellow vests’ demos

The "yellow vests" accuse the police of fanning the flames with their liberal use of tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades against demonstrators.

A court case reveals Umno’s past and PPBM’s possible future

A recent cheating case involving a former state Umno Youth leader who received a RM1 million kickback shows how trading takes place in the political marketplace.

German politicians’ data published online in massive breach

A preliminary analysis showed the data had been obtained through "wrongful use of log-in information for cloud services, email accounts or social networks."

Hackers post personal data of hundreds of German politicians

The data, published on a Twitter account, also included addresses, personal letters and copies of identity cards.

2019 will see the rise of more Beautiful Malaysians

I expect an increase in the chorus of Malaysian voices speaking out against injustice, racists and politicians who use religion to gain support, even as racial rhetoric rises.

Introduce anti-hopping law, give equal funds to all elected reps, NGO...

Sedar says it will reach out to more people nationwide for their signatures for the petition to press their demands.

MPs, stop bickering – you have a country to rebuild

We look on in frustration and hopelessness as we see the politicians whom we elected into office doing their best to break up the fragile harmony that we have woven.

ICERD rally: Who stands to benefit?

It is not just the rally, any incident, especially a clash, that can be shown to reflect a weak government is always useful to the opposition. It was the same when BN was in power; it is the same now that PH is in power.

Politicians to blame for racial tension, says Umno’s Tajuddin

The Pasir Salak MP tells Dewan Rakyat there is no problem between people of different races living in kampungs and small towns.

Thai political party jigsaw attracts new faces, veteran names

The deadline to join and be eligible to run closes later this month and Sunday saw a flurry of activity as the closing date nears.

New army chief takes over as Thailand prepares for return of...

The relationship between the monarchy, the army and politicians is the fundamental factor determining stability in Southeast Asia's second-biggest economy.