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Tag: Politics

Backlash in Ukraine as president says beautiful women ‘our brand’

The hashtags #Iamnotyourbrand and #Iamnotyourtourismbrand were trending on Ukrainian social media.

PKR in the news ‘for all the wrong reasons’

Two political analysts say the sex video issue has made the other PH member parties to appear less controversial.

Kids in cages: Geneva protest urges UN action on Trump migration...

Dozens of demonstrators gather outside the UN's European HQ urging the UN Human Rights Council take on President Donald Trump's administration.

Beijing says will ‘firmly support’ Hong Kong leader Lam

Protestors insist Lam resign and shelve the bill entirely, but Beijing has thrown their weight behind her.

US lawmakers pressure China with bill backing HK rights

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act is a measure that would also threaten to remove Hong Kong's status as a US special trading partner.

Trump announces exit of ‘warrior’ spokeswoman Sarah Sanders

Sanders has been one of Trump's most loyal foot soldiers, almost constantly at his side during his tumultuous two and a half years at the White House.

Facebook says CEO did not ignore personal data issues

Facebook denies Zuckerberg or any other Facebook employee knowingly violate the company's obligations under the FTC consent order nor do any emails exist that indicate they did.

US House also seeks to block Trump arms sales to Saudi...

The lower chamber's pushback against the White House comes a week after US senators across the political spectrum also moved to prevent the US$8.1 billion sale.

US joins diplomatic push to salvage agreement in Sudan

The military and opposition groups agree to resume talks on the formation of a transitional council.

Anwar condemns gay sex allegations against Azmin

PKR president says the party supports investigations by the police and MACC.

Azmin not attending tonight’s PKR meet, says Anwar

PKR president says he has had a lengthy chat with his deputy on sex act allegations.

Britain sets deadline for carbon neutrality by 2050

Britain's top advisory body on climate change this year says the target could be achieved within a budget of 1-2% of gross domestic product by 2050.

Trump and Kim one year on: A ‘beautiful letter’, stalled diplomacy

Since the first summit in Singapore, little progress has been made towards the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Protests against China extradition bill paralyse Hong Kong

Police use water cannons and pepper spray on protesters outside the Legco building and held up signs warning demonstrators they are prepared to use force.

US House approves authority to sue Trump advisers who ignore subpoenas

Lawmakers voted to approve the measure authorising House committees to file lawsuits to compel officials to cooperate with congressional inquiries.

Johnson commits to October Brexit deadline

Johnson says delaying Brexit will result in more losses for the Conservatives.

N.Korea may be cutting back on public executions

The study says mounting pressure from the international community has forced North Korea to scale back public executions.

Watergate figure Dean details Trump-Nixon parallels

One of those parallels, Dean notes, was the primary role in Trump's alleged obstruction efforts of former White House counsel Don McGahn, a main source for the Mueller investigation.

Trump renews Mexico tariff threat amid row over migration deal

Trumps says the tariffs will be reinstated if Mexico’s new migration deal is not forthcoming.

China says US can’t use pressure to force trade deal

Chinese Vice Commerce Minister says it is irresponsible of the United States to accused China of backtracking.

Chinese defence minister says Tiananmen crackdown was justified

The Chinese defence minister says the government’s decisiveness in stopping the turbulence is why China has enjoyed stability.

China’s defence minister: War with US would be a disaster

China will ‘fight to the end’ if the United States wanted to fight on trade issues but willing to keep the door open for talks.

Trump tells UK to ‘walk away’ if EU deny what it...

Trump advises the UK to walk away if it does not get a fair deal from the UK.

US congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez back behind the bar in minimum wage push

Ocasio-Cortez says she still has the muscle memory from working 18-hour shifts as a waitress.