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100 Pasir Gudang victims lodge report against officials

Residents' action group says there is a possibility of shortcomings in monitoring and enforcement.

Keep gas detectors in risky schools, says Johor official

As a loan of gas detecting equipment to schools in Pasir Gudang ends, an executive councillor hopes they will remain at 10 schools near the industrial area.

Sg Petani not the next Pasir Gudang, say DoE and state...

They say it's unfair to compare the two places as pollution levels in Sungai Petani are between good and moderate.

Three Johor firms fined RM15,000 each for dumping waste

12 companies already charged so far, action against 14 more to be taken, says state corporation.

Have a heart, pleads grieving husband of supposed pollution victim

Bakar Abd Rahman says his wife died of heart failure and not because of the air pollution in Pasir Gudang as claimed in fake news being circulated online.

11 schoolchildren in Pasir Gudang sent to sick bay

Executive councillor says the pupils experienced headache, nausea and vomiting, and were told to rest.

Johor looks into moving out high-risk chemical factories

Menteri Besar Dr Sahruddin Jamal says a buffer zone may also be created between the industrial and residential areas.

Johor MB urged to visit pollution-affected areas

The biggest problem is to convince the people of Pasir Gudang, and only YAB (Sahruddin) can calm them down, says state opposition leader Hasni Mohammad.

Sungai Semenyih pollution culprits to face action

Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari said the state government had identified the location of the source of the pollution and the entity responsible.

Najib calls for Zuraida and Yeo to quit over air pollution

The former prime minister says Zuraida and Yeo had previously given assurances that the area was safe and must be held accountable for inconveniencing the people.

Pasir Gudang gas linked to cancer, says lecturer

Studies have shown that daily or lengthy exposure to acrylonitrile gas could cause cancer, says Zulkifli Abdul Rashid of UiTM.

Anwar hits out at rampant development in Pasir Gudang

Development must not come at the expense of the people's wellbeing, says PKR leader.

All schools in Pasir Gudang reopen tomorrow

Safety and prevention briefings will be held at school assemblies tomorrow morning.

Living with something rotten in Pasir Gudang

A mysterious smell that worsens at night, causes dizziness and affects breathing. Residents have become accustomed to all kinds of foul smell, which can be sickening, decaying or rancid.

Move palm oil plant away from river, says councillor

Full analysis of water pollution at Sungai Semenyih expected to be released next week.

Authorities still in the dark over cause of Pasir Gudang pollution

However, environment minister Yeo Bee Yin says high levels of gaseous methyl mercaptan were detected in the area.

What’s happening with the PH govt?

Many problems that the people thought could be addressed with the change of government remain unresolved until today.

Roadblocks set up to prevent toxic waste from being moved out

Authorities are also checking some 250 factories in Pasir Gudang to ensure they adhere to standard operating procedure.

We were not slow to act, says Johor on latest air...

State exco says all government agencies responded immediately after cases were reported on Thursday.

Cause of Pasir Gudang pollution ‘to be known in 2 days’

Schools and kindergartens in Pasir Gudang to be closed until Thursday.

Zuraida clarifies, says toxic waste was cleaned up

Minister says the toxic waste area blamed for causing the Pasir Gudang air pollution had already been sent to the disposal centre.

Deputy minister denies toxic waste caused air pollution

Environment ministry says that the contractor had cleaned up waste from previous Sungai Kim Kim incident.

SE Asia looks to Taiwan as recycling pioneer

Reducing waste is becoming a global priority amid growing calls for more aggressive action on climate change and plastic pollution.

Group links rise in respiratory illnesses with air quality in Sg...

Lydia Ong of PTAS says there has been an increase in patients seeking treatment for respiratory illnesses while a five-year-old girl has been suffering from bronchitis since March.