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Top aide to US Secretary of State Pompeo resigns

Michael McKinley leaves State Department to pursue other opportunities.

Pompeo hentam China di Vatican atas layanan terhadap Uighur

Apabila pemerintah perintah secara mutlak, Tuhan jadi ancaman mutlak pada kuasanya, kata Setiausaha Negara AS Mike Pompeo.

North Korea calls Pompeo a ‘diehard toxin’

North Korea demands that the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo be replaced with a 'more mature' person. 

Trump plays good cop on Huawei after Pompeo’s threats

US President Donald Trump adopts a conciliatory tone this week toward Europe’s approach to Huawei Technologies Co.

Pompeo asks US business to think twice in China’s Xinjiang

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cautions corporate America on doing business with China's Xinjiang region, likening the mass incarceration of Muslims to Nazi abuses.

Pompeo to visit Kuwait next month, says Kuwait’s deputy foreign minister

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting Kuwait as well as several Arab capitals as part of the strategic dialogue between the two countries.

Saudi Arabia must hold Khashoggi’s killers ‘accountable,’ says Pompeo

Pompeo says the US will continue to have a conversation with the crown prince and the Saudis about ensuring the accountability with respect to the unacceptable murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Pompeo ‘optimistic’ Syria Kurds, Turkey can be protected

Pompeo says the US is confident in achieving an outcome where Syrian Kurds are protected and Turks can defend their country from terrorists.

Next summit for Trump, N.Korea’s Kim likely after first of year

Pompeo said Kim told him he was committed to the promises he had made to Trump during their first summit.

US hopes to receive senior North Korean to prepare summit

A visit to the US capital by North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho would be another landmark in the rapidly warming relationship between the two countries.

Pompeo: Migration over US-Mexico border ‘reaching moment of crisis’

Pompeo says the challenge related to security for the southern border is a challenge for American sovereignty.

Pompeo, Kim agree to second US-N.Korea summit ‘as soon as possible’

Pompeo and Kim also agreed to form a working group to discuss the denuclearisation process and the second summit,

Pompeo heads to Pyongyang, seeking progress on Trump-Kim summit

Pompeo departed from Tokyo, where he spent the first leg of a tour that will include stops in Pyongyang, South Korea and China.

Pompeo in Tokyo for talks ahead of Pyongyang visit

Despite Kim's pledge to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, Japan still considers North Korea to be a "dire threat".

Pompeo returns to Pyongyang lacking leverage for nuke deal

Pompeo will spend less than a day on the ground in Pyongyang on Sunday meeting with Kim and seeking to flesh out US expectations for his regime to denuclearize.

Trump willing to meet with Iran’s Rouhani at UN, Pompeo says

Pompeo has been a chief proponent of Trump’s efforts to confront Iran.

US will ‘vigorously defend’ against Iran court challenge, says Pompeo

The reimposition of US sanctions has added to Iran's economic woes, fuelling strikes and protests across the country and political spectrum.

North Korea newspaper blasts “double-dealing” US after Pompeo’s trip cancelled

Pompeo has pressed for tangible steps toward North Korea's abandonment of its nuclear arsenal while Pyongyang is demanding that Washington first make concessions of its own.

Trump reversal on Pompeo North Korea trip underscores drift

In the weeks since the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore, the administration has struggled to show any signs of progress in its efforts to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Trump cancels Pompeo trip to North Korea, citing poor progress

Pompeo's North Korea trip will not take place as negotiations have all but deadlocked since the summit in Singapore.

Pompeo calls on Pakistan’s Khan to act against ‘terrorists’

Washington has pressured Pakistan for years to crack down on the branches of the Taliban and the notorious Haqqani network operating in the country.

Pompeo to return to North Korea with new special envoy

Stephen Biegun, who is retiring as Ford's vice president for international governmental affairs, had been considered for the post of Trump's national security advisor.

Pompeo: US will “enforce sanctions” against Iran

Pompeo said exerting pressure on Tehran is meant to push back Iranian malign activity, adding that Iranians are unhappy with their own leadership's failure to deliver on economic promises.

North Korea alarmed by US attitudes but committed to nuclear deal

Pompeo pressed Southeast Asian nations to maintain sanctions on North Korea but said he was optimistic that the deal to end the North's nuclear programme would be implemented.