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MIC promises to create 45,000 entrepreneurs

MIC also seeks to help those in the lower-income B40 group.

High cost of living? No, wages too low, says economic body

The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research says the problem lies in the labour market as Malaysians are paid very low wages.

Mahathir: Bad economy, so I wanted to sell off bakery

Mahathir says other businesses too are suffering under the economic leadership of Najib Razak and that since he could not find a buyer, The Loaf was closed down.

GLCs have become monsters, says Mahathir

He says federal government does not hold to the original spirit of government-linked companies to help the poor.

DAP: Rich people travelling doesn’t mean economy is doing well

Klang MP Charles Santiago says many are struggling to make ends meet despite second finance minister's claim that 'economy is doing well'.

Venezuela’s woes spread to zoos as animals feed on each other

The situation in economically depressed Venezuela is so dire, workers at one zoo are slaughtering animals to feed others.

Rising poverty gnaws at Italian social fabric as election nears

The government argues that the worst is over, pointing to 14 straight quarters of economic growth, but many Italians have yet to feel the benefits of the upturn.

Five women killed in Dagestan church shooting claimed by IS

Dagestan, bordering Chechnya, is one of the poorest and most unstable regions of Russia.

Jeyakumar: Shares won’t help poor Indians, give them homes instead

PSM lawmaker says study on Amanah Saham Bumiputera shares shows 72% of shareholders only have average of RM554 each.

Analyst: Not all Malaysians benefiting from economic growth

The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research’s Shankaran Nambiar says while 2017 was a good year, there remain major risks to the economy from high household and public debts.

Richest 1% made 82% of wealth created last year, Oxfam says

On the other hand, the poorest 50% cumulatively did not make any money.

Gap between rich, middle-income earners set to widen further

Economist Yeah Kim Leng says those holding mid and low-level jobs have not seen much increase in their wages but the rich are able to use their resources to make more money.

Jail for stealing food case raises questions about justice for the...

In voicing concern over an unemployed man being jailed for stealing food, two lawyers say the courts must be more sensitive and ensure sentences help reform perpetrators, not lead to more problems.

Live cultural shows, the ‘opium’ of Malaysian Indians?

Cultural events featuring artistes from India make big bucks, but is anything ever channelled towards helping the Indian community, writer asks.

A tale of two worlds

Sheila Majid was only speaking up for the poor and voiceless in the country.

35 Cameron families demand to meet Najib over housing woes

They gather in Putrajaya and refuse to leave until they meet Najib Razak or are chased out by the police.

World Bank: Wealth inequality a threat to East Asia, Pacific

Booming economic growth has lifted millions in the region out of extreme poverty since the 1980s, but the wave of prosperity has not guaranteed upward mobility and economic security for large swathes of the population.

Santiago: Indians no longer in estates but form part of urban...

MP says focus of government should now be on Indians involved in crime and who need vocational training to escape grip of poverty.

Hindraf good for opposition, but resentment from Indian PH leaders likely

Many Indian leaders within PKR and DAP will feel Hindraf is encroaching onto their turf if it were to field candidates in the coming general election, says Michael Jeyakumar.

Klang MP warns of social conflict due to ‘new underclass’

Charles Santiago says the underclass, in which people are employed but poor, will return 'with a vengeance' if not addressed.

Better governance still needed to help lower-income group

Economist Madeline Berma says data on income inequality does not necessarily reflect the reality on the ground.

‘Gerobok Rezeki’ initiative gives residents food for another day

Grateful residents turn to a cupboard in a mosque when there is nothing left in their kitchens.

Finance ministry: Irwan never said poverty was due to laziness

Ministry says the Treasury sec-gen had only emphasised the importance of practising positive traits so that Malaysians could succeed in business.

Fuel subsidies do nothing for the poor, say economists

Prominent economist Jomo Kwame Sundaram and DM Analytics chief economist Muhammed Abdul Khalid say it is better to focus on making public transportation more attractive.