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‘Gerobok Rezeki’ initiative gives residents food for another day

Grateful residents turn to a cupboard in a mosque when there is nothing left in their kitchens.

Finance ministry: Irwan never said poverty was due to laziness

Ministry says the Treasury sec-gen had only emphasised the importance of practising positive traits so that Malaysians could succeed in business.

Fuel subsidies do nothing for the poor, say economists

Prominent economist Jomo Kwame Sundaram and DM Analytics chief economist Muhammed Abdul Khalid say it is better to focus on making public transportation more attractive.

Khazanah Institute project helps low-income group stay in city centres

Pilot project in George Town stops families being pushed out of the city by rising rentals.

Theory of poverty or poverty of theory

Writer says Treasury sec-gen Irwan Serigar's understanding of the causes of poverty seem to be at a very elementary or even superficial level.

Activist: Young offenders won’t benefit from boot camp

No amount of military training, exercises or drills will help resolve the underlying issues that cause some youths to stray off the right path, says James Nayagam.

Warm response to RM1 transit home for needy

The centre which was opened in July to provide lodging for those who are cash-strapped has given shelter to almost 100 people since then.

Perlis mufti chides lazy attitude of the poor

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin laments that some people can be found still lounging at home during the day while others are busy at work.

Expert: Income gap will widen unless drastic steps taken

Quality education key to helping those in the low-income group acquire skills and improving such skills as well as making other gains, says tax consultant Kang Beng Hoe.

Malaysian billionaire to build 5,000 homes for poor Filipinos

Vincent Tan will carry out the project with the help of a foundation in the Philippines.

NGO wants Penang to have free school bus service like KL

Penang Hindu Association deputy president P Murugiah says a free transportation will lessen the financial burden of poor families and help keep children in school.

Of BR1M and Malaysia’s political landscape

How we got to such a state of irrational antagonism against anything the government is doing seems puzzling.

Free school bus service for 6,500 KL kids

DBKL is to provide 165 buses to ferry primary pupils and secondary students living in the 74 People's Housing and public housing projects.

Low enrolment plagues Chinese schools in Balik Pulau

The Penang government hopes new affordable homes being built in the township will boost population, with more school-going children.

Malaysia’s upward mobility trend admirable

Children of fishermen, farmers and labourers have moved up and have become politicians, ministers and doctors due to the New Economic Policy, says Khazanah Research Institute.

Tough childhood spurs man to help others

Abandoned by his father and later his stepfather, Generasi Gemilang founder now strives to provide underprivileged children with love, hope and dignity.

‘Felda top land development agency in world’

Prime Minister Najib Razak says many countries, especially in Africa, had applied the Felda module, but failed.

Report on Perak being 2nd poorest state ‘inaccurate’

Khazanah Research Institute Managing Director Charon Mokhzani admits its report was based on data collected in 2014.

The unfortunate tale of PPR dwellers

Overcrowding, unattended rubbish, lack of parking and robbery among nightmarish conditions that PPR residents are forced to live with.

PPIM: Stop subsidising cooking gas for the rich

Consumer group calls on Putrajaya to change how cooking gas is subsidised, saying it is ridiculous that even billionaires enjoy the subsidy.

NGO’s transit homes a haven for poor hospital patients, families

The Malaysian Association of Medical Social Officers Services operates 10 fully furnished transit homes in Kuala Lumpur and also provides transport services.

6% GST should be cut by half, says DAP

Perak DAP Economic Bureau Chief Chong Zhemin says the bottom 40% household income group find it difficult to survive on zero-GST products.

Blind, but mum has to work to take care of elderly...

NGO seeks public help to sustain family through hard times.