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Duta baru berbaju Melayu temui pope di Rom

Westmoreland Anak Edward Palon turut mengadakan perbincangan tertutup dengan Pope Francis mengenai isu kepentingan bersama.

New ambassador meets pope in Rome, sporting baju Melayu

Westmoreland Anak Edward Palon also holds discussions on issues of mutual interest with Pope Francis.

Pope wants to visit Iraq in 2020

The pope has already visited several Muslim countries, including Turkey in 2014, Azerbaijan in 2016 and Egypt in 2017.

Pope asks Roma people to forgive Catholic Church’s discrimination

Making up around 10% of Romania's population, many Roma are marginalised, live in poverty and have suffered centuries of discrimination and insults.

Pope denies prior knowledge of US cardinal McCarrick’s sexual misconduct

Pope Francis says he would certainly not have kept quiet should he had known about Theodore McCarrick's sexual misconduct.

Pope issues decree holding bishops accountable for sex abuse or cover...

The decree also obliges every Catholic diocese in the world to set up simple and accessible reporting systems.

Pope condemns Sri Lanka Easter attacks as ‘such cruel violence’

The Pope describes the attacks as 'such cruel violence' while world leaders react.

Pope leads Good Friday procession highlighting modern-day slaves’ plight

The event spotlighted sex slaves 'used' but 'condemned by a society which refuses to see this kind of exploitation'.

Pope kisses feet of South Sudan leaders, urging them to keep...

The leaders, Salva Klir and Riek Machar were stunned when the Pope kneeled down to kiss their feet asking the country to stay in peace.

‘He’s great to watch, but he’s not God’ – Pope sets...

Pope Francis is known to be a football fan, and he is also a club member of Buenos Aires side San Lorenzo.

Pope promises ‘healing’ of Church amid sex abuse scandal

Abuse scandals have hit countries around the world, with lives devastated from Australia to Chile, Germany and the US.

Pope criticises building walls to keep migrants out

Pope Francis has indirectly critisised US president Donald Trump's threat to shut down the southern border with Mexico.

‘Wound’ of migration not solved by physical barriers, pope says

In recent months, migration has again risen to the fore of national political debates in a number of North African and European countries and the United States.

Pope, Morocco King say Jerusalem ‘common patrimony’ of 3 religions

Jerusalem declared the 'common patrimony of humanity and especially the followers of the three monotheistic religions.'

Pope visits Morocco to boost dialogue, meet migrants

The Moroccan capital Rabat has stepped up security ahead of his arrival.

Pope signs new law to prevent child abuse

The new legislation makes it obligatory for superiors and co-workers to report abuse allegations, punish failure to report and offer assistance to victims and families.

It was getting out of hand – Pope explains ring kissing...

The pope did not want to spread germs as one person after another repeatedly kissed his hand at short intervals.

Pope to broaden Muslim dialogue with Morocco visit

Pope Francis has repeatedly called for religious tolerance and dialogue and his visit is keenly awaited by the country's Christian minority.

Pope rejects resignation of French cardinal in sex abuse cover-up

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin's trial comes as Pope Francis battles to restore faith in the Church following a slew of abuse scandals that have spanned the globe, from Australia to Chile and the US.

As Xi heads to Italy, Vatican says China should not fear...

Sources say the Pope may meet Xi Jinping this week and such an encounter would be the first between a Chinese leader and a pope.

Pope voices solidarity with Muslims after New Zealand attacks

The pope was 'deeply saddened to learn of the injury and loss of life caused by the senseless acts of violence,' according to Vatican Secretary Pietro Parolin.

Anti-Semitism part of wave of `depraved hatred’, says pope

He says it is sinful for Christians to hold anti-Semitic sentiments because they shared a heritage with Jews.

Vatican to open secret archives of WWII pope in 2020

Pius XII saved tens of thousands of Italian Jews by ordering convents to open their doors to take them in according to some historians.

Pope’s vow to battle child sex abuse fails to appease victims

The scandals have hit countries around the world, with lives devastated from Australia to Chile, Germany and the US.