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It’s population growth that drives the property market

There is a mismatch between affordability and homes being built and offered today.

Indonesia pledges RM168 billion to modernise Jakarta

The biggest chunk of the cost would be for mass transportation, such as lengthening the newly built MRT system.

Number of foreigners in Sabah a ticking time bomb, warns minister

Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick says one in every four Sabahans is a foreigner.

3.2mil non-citizens among Malaysia’s population of 32.6mil

Bumiputeras comprise 69.3% of the population, with a slight drop to 22.8% recorded for Chinese Malaysians.

Budgeting for the elderly in our country

Malaysia should follow in Singapore's footsteps by budgeting for our increasingly ageing population.

Population grew 1% last year, slight drop in birth rate

An average of 13,800 deaths are recorded every month.

Babies wanted: Nordic countries crying for kids

Norway's declining birth rate threatens the country's welfare model.

China’s population set to peak at 1.44 bln in 2029

The world's most populous country must now draw up policies to try to cope with a declining labour force and a rapidly ageing population.

Free homes! But wait – only if you are of working...

To lure the young back into towns with an ageing population, the Japanese government has taken to offering them homes free… with certain conditions.

Penang Forum challenges population figure given by CM

Saying Penang’s population will hit 1.98 million by 2030 and not 2.3 million as stated by Chow Kon Yeow, Penang Forum asks if the 'inflated' figure is to justify the transport master plan.

Mahathir: Study practices of other countries in caring for ageing

Prime minister advises parents to keep busy and active as Asian tradition of children supporting them in their golden years seems to be fading.

China does away with family planning offices

State-media has hinted in recent weeks that China, the world's most populous nation, may be preparing to end its decades-long policy of determining the number of children that couples can have.

UN: World hunger levels rise for third year running

Hunger appears to be increasing in almost all of Africa and in South America, with 821 million people - one in nine - going hungry in 2017.

Switch to SST will hit elderly hardest, says research body

Galen Centre warns of demographic crisis if government is forced to adopt austerity measures due to falling tax revenue.

Mexico jaguar population grows 20% in eight years

The increase is partially due to the fact that Mexico signed an agreement on implementing a regional conservation program for jaguars.

Study warns of alarming decline in Australian fish

The main causes were overfishing and climate change.

Refugees now make up 1% of world population, peace index shows

More than 55% of them come from Syria, Afghanistan, and South Sudan, according to the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, whose data was used in the report.

World faces ‘staggering’ obesity challenge, study says

If current trends persist, 22% of the world's population will be obese in 2025.

Will more Indians be elected to Parliament this time?

Denison Jayasooria of UKM says BN is sure to retain three parliamentary seats while the opposition will retain seven, with the others uncertain.

In ageing Thailand, developers race to supply locals and elderly expats

Not only is Thailand ageing faster than its neighbours, but it is also becoming an increasingly popular retirement option for foreigners attracted by its agreeable climate, low living and health costs and culture of service.

US to add citizenship question in 2020 Census

The census counts every resident in the United States. It is used to determine the allocation by states of seats in the US House of Representatives and to distribute billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities.

Bird populations in rural France ‘collapsing’

Bird populations across an eerily quiet French countryside have collapsed, on average, by a third over the last decade-and-a-half, alarmed researchers reported on Tuesday.

We need more people, continue giving birth, says Najib

This is because Malaysia will soon experience a drop in birth rate as its economy matures, says the prime minister.

Startling orangutan population decline recorded in Borneo

But a biologist doesn't think the species will go extinct soon as there is a stable population in the larger national parks in Indonesia and some areas in Malaysia.