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Shanghai to battle ‘big city disease’ by limiting population to 25...

Shanghai, which sits on China’s eastern coast, had a permanent population of 24.15 million at the end of 2015.

Australia’s population growth outpaces world as migrants rush in

There’s still plenty of room for more, given the giant continent still only has 24.6 million people, putting it at 53rd in United Nations global population rankings.

Singapore’s ‘time bomb’ ticks louder in 2018

Economist says Singapore is facing one of the toughest economic and social challenges since its independence in the form of a rapidly ageing workforce and population.

DAP tells BTN not to intimidate voters

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok says BTN head's caution to Chinese community that there will be disharmony if they support the opposition can be deemed a threat.

Malaysia’s population to hit 34 million in 2022, says Deloitte

This is an increase of more than 75%, and 15 million more than the 19 million recorded 25 years ago.

MCA blames high cost of raising kids for low Chinese birth...

It says parents are more concerned about providing excellent healthcare and education for children.

Malaysia’s population this year estimated at 32 million

Statistics Department says overall population has increased 1.3% from 31.6 million last year.

Elderly to outnumber young after 2045, says ministry

Women, Family and Community Development Ministry says this is the by-product of development as well as improved health structures and systems.

Report: 80% of Malaysia will be urban by 2030

Kuala Lumpur, with RM765 million in total economic output, generates more than half of Malaysia’s GDP and is a bigger economy than Stuttgart or Stockholm, says study by the Martin Prosperity Institute.

‘Penang will be packed like HK if islands project proceeds’

Penang Federal Action Council wants Penang government to clarify the ballooning cost of its Transport Master Plan, which includes the creation of three islands.

Vincent Tan proposes a United States of Asia

The Berjaya boss suggests Asian nations use English, not only as a binding force, but also to make it easier to do business in the region.

Housing scheme for Malays to live in towns

Johor government to develop Taman Perbadanan Islam with 548 homes, of which 70% will be sold as Malay reserve.

Msia’s population hits 31.7 million this year

The percentage of non-citizens is recorded at 10.3% out of the total population.

M’sia needs bigger families to counter shrinking population

Deputy Minister says having more kids will also ensure a better quality of life as Malaysians lived longer now and needed family members to help care for them when they grew old.

Melayu tetap berkuasa – Kit Siang

Negara tetap dipegang dan dipunyai orang Melayu meskipun UMNO tewas dalam pilihan raya

LKS: The numbers show Malays cannot lose political power

DAP leader reiterates commitment to be a party for all Malaysians.