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Australia denies Vietnamese woman entry for failing to declare raw pork

45-year-old is first casualty of biosecurity law to prevent African Swine Fever.

China inflation surges as pork prices soar

Authorities have gone as far as tapping nation's reserve to control meat prices. 

Garlic-butter chops for a quick and tasty weekday meal

Using basic ingredients, these pork chops are cooked in a skillet on the stove and is ready in just 20 minutes.

China buys ‘considerable’ amount of US pork, soybeans

China says US agricultural products would be exempt from added tariffs.

No place for S.Korean pork in China

Beijing bans S.Korean pig imports following African swine fever outbreak.

Honey-glazed recipe for baby back ribs a sure table pleaser

Easy to prepare, the oven does most of the work while you sit back and relax.

China dismisses Trump agri purchase claim, says honouring pledges

Beijing offered tariff breaks on US agricultural products to some importers in another goodwill gesture to the US during the short-lived trade truce.

Hailam Rice in Klang: Tender pork braised just right

A typical meal comes with braised pork, hard-boiled eggs, braised tofu skin, pork blood and pig intestines in soup as well as rice and a curry sauce.

China allows some tariff-free US cotton, pork purchases

BEIJING: The Chinese government has approved several domestic companies to buy US cotton, corn, sorghum and pork without being subject to hefty retaliatory tariffs,...

From office worker to nasi lemak hawker: Phon’s doing it his...

Phon Yung Hou says he derives more self-satisfaction from selling his own version of nasi lemak than working in an office.

Delicious Peking Pork Chops recipe hands down a winner

Tender and juicy morsels of deep-fried pork, lusciously coated with a sweet, tart and smoky sauce makes this a perfect dish for any occasion.

Canada pushes to get China meat exports resumed this week

Canadian authorities are hoping to convince China to lift a ban on meat shipments as early as this week, according to livestock groups.

Pork lovers, listen up! Tonkatsu by Ma Maison is fantastic

Tonkatsu is basically breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet served with shredded cabbage, an ideal meal for those on a low-carb or keto diet.

Tau Yew Bak: Pork belly in savoury soy sauce gravy

Complex, sophisticated and addictive, the pork belly in this dish is always served tender, juicy, and steeped in a flavourful soy sauce concoction.

The US has so many fat pigs that pork prices are...

Pork wholesale prices are at the lowest for this time of year in a decade thanks to a huge expansion in the American hog herd, which just hit its highest mark since 1943.

China halts Canadian meat shipments over bogus documents

China says it will turn away all meat shipped from Canada, just days before China and the US sit down to work on settling a trade dispute that has also caught Canada in the crossfire.

Homemade pork burgers by Chef Fabio of Sapore

Chef Fabio of Sapore Restaurant in Ampang has an easy peasy recipe that just about anybody can cook up in a jiffy.

Malaysia safe for now, but more precautions needed to ward off...

The Federation of Livestock Farmers’ Associations of Malaysia says any outbreak would affect farmers as people would stop buying meat.

Despite culls, import bans, swine fever to hit pork market for...

Millions of pigs are being culled as African Swine Fever cuts through Asia, devastating global food chains, with pork prices expected to soar from global food markets.

China cancels US pork import order as US-China trade war drags...

Chinese buyers dropped orders for more than 3,247 metric tonnes of US-imported pork despite growing African swine fever (ASF) fears.

Lean hog futures up as swine disease fuels US pork export...

China's sow herd is being closely watched by the global livestock market due to swine flue outbreak, fueling demand for US hog.

Wow factor: Roast pork and stingray in Nyonya Curry Mee

Hai Keng Restaurant in Petaling Jaya makes a mean bowl of Nyonya Curry Mee with delicious add-ons that take it to the next level.

China’s pork imports to double in 2019 as swine fever hits...

The disease has totally disrupted the production plans of many major companies, with some halting expansion because of the disease.

Our pork tester not to determine halal or non-halal, says firm

The company says its device only detects elements of pork in a food item and that Jakim is the authorised body to determine if a product is ‘halal’ or ‘haram’.