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Video seks sejenis ‘Sandakan’ terjah laman porno

Video berkenaan diletakkan dalam kategori amatur dan fetis.

Now showing: ‘Sandakan’ gay sex videos on porn sites, YouTube

Clips tagged under 'fetish' and 'amateur', among others.

Regulate, don’t ban porn sites, says reproductive health body

The Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia, says local studies are needed on effects of watching porn and that it may be better to regulate porn sites.

Malaysia no longer in top 10 list of porn watchers, says...

Latest data by Pornhub shows the number of Malaysian women accessing the site has dropped drastically.

More Malaysian women watch porn using mobile devices

Porn site ranks Malaysian women as seventh most likely in the world to access porn using a mobile device, putting the country ahead of other Southeast Asian nations.

New porn website ‘sex-ducates’ visitors who drop by

PornHub takes on responsibility of educating its 70 million daily visitors on how to enjoy a more enriching, safer and responsible sex life.