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Does success lead to happiness?

Happiness and a positive mindset begins with you, and once you have the ability to harness it, other gifts will flow your way, including success.

How to reverse bad luck with a positive attitude

There’s grace in letting go of things you cannot control, and immeasurable positivity from focusing on your many blessings.

4 steps to snap yourself into better financial shape

Managing stress levels and surrounding yourself with positive people can help you start saving for a more financially secure future.

Can’t lose weight? Try talking to your subconscious mind

Whatever you plant in your subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.

Du Plessis: Africa can still reach World Cup semis without Steyn

Faf du Plessis still believes his team could reach the World Cup finals despite Dale Steyn's absence from the game.

Small businesses to hire more staff after splendid 2018 growth, says...

CPA Australia survey indicates Malaysian small businesses expect this year to be even better.

Maybank IB maintains positive call on property sector

The property sector is expected to recover slowly given the huge unsold units.

Analyst: Can BN’s shadow Cabinet play its role effectively?

Penang Institute's Wong Chin Huat questions the inclusion of almost all of the coalition's MPs in the list.

Effective techniques to motivate you on your health goals

From identifying your intrinsic motivation to setting SMART goals and rewarding yourself for small wins, the will to change for the better is within every individual.

AG to advise Putrajaya to remove laws that block Bar’s independence

Tommy Thomas says amendments to the Legal Profession Act in the past were done to punish the Bar, and that provisions in written law which purport to oust the jurisdiction of the courts must be repealed.

“Very positive signals” after U.S, Taliban talks

A meeting between a senior US diplomat and Taliban representatives in Doha last week to discuss a possible ceasefire ended with "very positive signals".

Biogen, Eisai’s Alzheimer’s drug succeeds in mid-stage trial, shares soar

The companies said the highest dose of the drug, BAN2401, showed a statistically significant slowing of disease progression at the end of 18 months as compared to a placebo.

Maybank IB stays positive on Malaysia’s O&G sector

It says Opec's decision to lower over-compliance and adjust to 100% compliance was better than the market’s initial expectation.

Good social media experiences don’t outweigh bad ones for young adults

For many, the adverse effect of negative social media experiences on mental health can outweigh any potential benefits of positive experiences.

Asian markets rise as Wall St, N.Korea provide positive lead

New York provided a strong lead, with all three main indexes posting healthy gains on the back of better-than-expected reports from heavyweights including Netflix, Goldman Sachs and Johnson & Johnson.

Malaysian hockey goalkeeper tests positive for sibutramine

Kumar Subramaniam is at risk of a two-year suspension if the ruling on his doping test is upheld.