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Tag: Poverty

Recycled bikes get Myanmar kids to school

Mike Than Tun Win saw an opportunity when he heard bike-sharing companies left thousands of cycles in 'graveyards'.

Poverty, not recognition, is why students join gangs, say experts

They say poor students think their involvement in gangs will lead them to a lavish lifestyle later on.

The dimensions of homelessness

Homelessness is not just a lack-of-housing problem.

AG urged to drop charges against activists who defended Penang flat...

PSM submits request to Tommy Thomas to drop charges against two of its members who helped Rifle Range flat owners.

Those who call the streets of Kuala Lumpur home

Researcher Syed Omar Syed Agil, who has profiled more than 100 individuals and families in the city, says Malaysia should provide them with shelter and teach them some skills to get them back on their feet again.

Tears shed as family finally meets mystery ‘Malay man’ who transformed...

Good Samaritan’s Facebook post highlighted destitute family's plight and launched an outpouring of help

Family thankful to ‘Malay man’ whose intervention brought showers of blessings

Car washer's family whose story was highlighted by FMT still wants to thank their Good Samaritan.

Break the poverty cycle with better food

Three ways that Malaysia can end the paradox of having children who are stunted and adults who are overweight.

Free tampons in British schools not enough to end period poverty,...

Half of all women and girls in poor countries are estimated to have to use rags, cloths, grass and paper during their periods since many cannot afford to buy sanitary products.

Cuba taps into high-end luxury tourist market

Cuba attempts to tap into the luxurious tourism market despite its slow economic growth.

6 people fall into poverty in Nigeria every minute

The number of destitute in Nigeria is believed to be growing by 6 people every minute, according to a paper from The Brookings Institution.

Making ‘Capernaum’ was a duty, says Oscar contender Labaki

Director of Oscar-nominated movie hopes to increase awareness and start discussions about the plight of the poor in Lebanon.

For orphanages, it’s a hard knock life, too

Two homes speak to FMT about the difficulties they face ensuring that the children they take in have enough and grow up to be good people.

Poverty line in Malaysia should be 3 times higher, says expert

Martin Ravallion says data transparency in Malaysia is 'well below' the standards expected of a developed country.

We are a success at poverty eradication, but just don’t tell...

Proper implementation and monitoring, plus a sincere pursuit without politics in mind, will go a long way in ensuring more people are helped out of the cycle of poverty.

Poverty in Selangor – the ongoing nightmare in Jeram’s estates

Children drop out of school, then boys turn to drugs and gangs while girls marry young and regret it later.

Kedah village celebrates Thaipusam through gritted teeth

Villagers suffer illness and hardship with no electricity or clean water.

Break the cycle of poverty among marginalised Indians

The community should be taught to be self-sufficient, and to understand the value of education.

Najib visits roadside carwasher as help pours in

The plight of S Sukumarah and wife caught the attention of the former prime minister.

How a Facebook post brought fame to a roadside car washer...

Not everyone is convinced, and some sceptics warn the public to be careful with their charitable impulses.

Hardcore poverty still a problem in Sarawak, says minister

Baru Bian says the Sarawak government has failed to keep its promise to end hardcore poverty in the state by 2018.

What has UEC recognition got to do with Malay upliftment, MCA...

Its president adds that DAP leaders have no guts to tell Dr Mahathir Mohamad to keep the PH election promise of recognising the UEC.

Expert tells why poverty remains despite decades of government programmes

An economist says poverty eradication programmes should not be 'one size fits all'.

Putrajaya to use old BR1M recipients list for renamed cash handout...

It will take too long to remove unqualified recipients, says Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.