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I’ll step down maybe in 2 years or so, says Dr...

The prime minister also says there is no need for a Cabinet reshuffle at the moment.

Lament of a simple man over Najib, Rosmah and failed systems

Recent court cases, especially those involving Najib and Rosmah, reveal a rotting system that needs to be set right and a need to clip the wings of those in power, including that of the PM.

Don’t use govt functions for political purposes, urges Sabah Bersih

Sabah Bersih says poster promoting programme in Kota Kinabalu was organised by Warisan but in collaboration with the federal and state governments.

Up to speaker to decide whether to debate shariah bill, says...

Fuziah Salleh says, in line with the separation of powers, the government will not intervene in any decision over the tabling of the shariah courts bill or RUU 355 and will leave it entirely to the speaker.

Rein in MCMC to prevent future abuse, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty urges new communications minister Gobind Singh to investigate MCMC's past misdeeds under the BN government.

Court dismisses Maria Chin’s travel ban appeal

Court of Appeal takes the stand that the matter has become academic and there is no travesty of justice as the ban on Maria has been lifted.

GE14 date: Voters have grounds to challenge EC, says ex-judge

Citizens have the right to ask the EC to change the date as traditionally polling day is on a weekend, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Parliament speaker makes U-turn on redelineation report but…

Pandikar Amin Mulia now says MPs can read the Election Commission report and take it out of the Dewan Rakyat but they are not allowed to have its contents published until March 28, causing the opposition to cry foul.

Bersih: Court decision on Segamat army voters a blow to democracy

The NGO says the court should have considered all factors and given priority to the Federal Constitution as the decision opens the gates to electoral fraud.

Ex-judge says court failed to use its additional powers in EC...

Paragraph 1 of the Courts of Judicature Act 1964 gives judges the additional power to remedy a wrong, especially on fundamental rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution, says Sri Ram.

Talks on devolution of powers not hit by London trip, says...

She says whatever new findings would be brought to Steering Committee on the Devolution of Powers, which she chairs.

PAS: Bill intends to enhance shariah courts

PAS Vice-President Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah says the proposed amendment requires the cooperation of the Federal Government because the government has the desire to enhance the shariah courts.

Lawyer: Monarchy ought to be apolitical

Ramkarpal Singh says current system where MPs make laws is truly reflective of a democracy.

Rafizi, Mujahid are dreamers, says Zaid

Former minister says Malaysia is far from an ideal democracy and the people need the help of the royals to provide a check-and-balance for the government.

EAIC seeks more powers to curb custodial deaths

Empowering EAIC is more effective than pushing for IPCMC, says EAIC Chairman Yaacob Md Sam.