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Danes to build Brexit ‘herring wall’, and other April Fools

Here is a roundup of Monday's April Fool pranks in world media.

Frenzy as cash rains down on Hong Kong neighbourhood

Bills worth thousands of Hong Kong dollars were seen fluttering to the ground from the top of a building, as people tried to grab the falling cash.

Burger King pranks McDonald’s with 1¢ ‘Whopper Detour’ offer

If a customer steps inside a McDonald's restaurant, the app will unlock a Whopper sandwich for a penny.

But is it art? Pranksters plant missing ‘Picasso’ in Romania

A writer who thought she had found a painting by Pablo Picasso stolen in an infamous art heist six years ago says she was the victim of a 'publicity stunt'.

Multiple students ‘stabbed’ with needle in Aussie high school

Police and ambulances rushed to a high school in Sydney following reports that students had been stabbed, to find they had received minor needle pricks.

Doan datang Malaysia, lakukan ‘prank’ sebulan sebelum Jong Nam dibunuh

Doan Thi Huong melakukan 'prank' pertama dengan berkata 'Hello' dan memberi ciuman mengejut kepada lelaki warga Eropah di sebuah pasar raya di KL.

Kes Jong Nam: Doan kali pertama lakukan ‘prank’ di Hanoi

Wanita warga Vietnam itu melakukan 'prank' dengan cuba memberi ciuman mengejut kepada seorang lelaki berusia 45 tahun pada Disember 2016.

Accused used baby oil in pranks, Jong Nam murder trial told

Investigating officer says he is aware of pranks at KLIA and klia2 just days before incident where brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was killed.

Kes Jong Nam: Tertuduh lakukan ‘prank’ guna minyak bayi

Babak itu dilakukan pada 3, 7, dan 11 Februari 2017, sebelum serangan bunuh terhadap Jong Nam berlaku di klia2 pada 13 Februari 2017.

Jong Nam murder accused seen playing pranks before, says lawyer

High Court hears that a man known as 'James' paid accused Siti Aisyah for each prank and communicated with her on the pranks she pulled at various places.

Coroner: Maid’s death the result of prank gone wrong

Maid was probably trying to scare her boyfriend after argument, inquiry told.

HK actress slammed for staging snatch theft

Grace Lam is said to have narrated the incident on her Facebook page to gain publicity.

Shah Rukh kena prank diserang biawak komodo gergasi

Selepas mendapat tahu ia hanya gurauan semata-mata, hero Bollywood itu marah dan merajuk dengan krew terutamanya kaki prank Rames Galal.

Ini cara Paris Hilton buat prank April Fool

Dalam satu video promo, selebriti itu berkata produk air titisan Nano Drop dikeluarkan demi menyelamatkan bumi, khususnya penyu dan alam sekitar daripada dicemari botol plastik air.

Jong Nam murder suspects ‘rehearsed prank’ in China

Report says the two women, who worked as escorts, were befriended by a man, said to be a spy.

Killing of North Korean: Suspect thought she was playing a prank

Suspect claims four men travelling with her told her to spray Kim Jong Nam with a type of liquid and a woman companion to cover the face with a cloth.

Pranksters change iconic Hollywood sign to ‘Hollyweed’

A police spokesman said surveillance cameras might help them identify the culprit or culprits; the act was being treated as a case of misdemeanor trespassing.