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Tag: Pras Michel

Bekas penyanyi rap AS mengaku tak bersalah biaya kempen Obama

Pras Michel berkata, isu itu akan ditangani dalam album barunya.

US rapper proclaims innocence in election fraud case involving Jho Low

Pras Michel says the issue will be addressed on his new nine-track extended-play album.

Jho Low slapped with another charge in US

The US Justice Department says, to win influence, the fugitive financier gave RM89 million to a musician friend and that some of this money ended up as campaign donations for former president Barack Obama’s re-election bid.

Bekas penyanyi rap AS bakal didakwa biayai kempen Obama, 1MDB

Pras Michel akan dituduh di Washington kerana menyumbang dana kepada organisasi pro-Obama tanpa mendedahkan asalnya terutama dari Low Teak Jho

US rapper poised to be charged in case tied to Obama...

Pras Michel is expected to be accused of contributing funds to pro-Obama organisations without disclosing their foreign origin – specifically Jho Low.

DoJ probing political donations after possible link with Jho Low

DoJ is looking into whether there was an agreement between Jho Low and rap star Pras Michel to back efforts to re-elect Barack Obama in 2012 presidential campaign.