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Tag: Prawns

Sarawak Laksa at SALTed: Prawns, chicken and cuttlefish galore

Other than Sarawak Laksa, this restaurant in Mutiara Damansara also serves Kolo Mee, Belacan Bee Hoon and Mee Jawa Sarawak.

Sang Har Mee: Even more delicious when homemade

This recipe has a tasty sauce that wets the noodles but doesn’t completely drench it.

Stir-fried leeks with prawns: An easy recipe for good fortune

Stir-fried leeks is popular during auspicious festivals as the word 'leeks' in Chinese sounds like the mandarin word for 'to calculate'.

Prawn Fritters: A seriously good Cucur Udang recipe

Typically served as a tea-time snack at home, this recipe makes a batch that is crispy on the outside, and super moist and tasty on the inside.

Would you like tiger prawns with that Char Koay Teow?

Choose from either standard-sized prawns or tiger prawns and mantis prawns for a truly deluxe take on Penang's most famous hawker fare.

Spicy prawn and petai: A pretty fantastic main dish

Pungent, spicy and seafoody, this dish unashamedly assaults the senses and is best enjoyed with plain rice or Nasi Lemak.

How to peel prawns like an expert

Skin-on prawns add additional flavour to dishes, while skin-off prawns are more refined when serving guests. It’s also an easy and fuss-free option for kids.

Steamed prawns in egg whites Butterkicap style

Taking only ten minutes to cook, this has got to be the easiest, most delicious dish ever.

Home-cooked Mushroom and Prawn Fried Rice

So simple to make, anyone who knows how to light the stove can jump right in and give it a try.

For prawn lovers, it’s got to be Ah Chee Tom Yam...

Rich and fragrant, the Tom Yam broth was made just right but the star of the dish was the five fresh, tasty seawater prawns that adorned it.

5 Sarawak Laksa joints in KL/PJ ranked

If you're a diehard Sarawak Laksa fan, then head to Aunty Christina's in Sea Park, PJ today.

Char Kuey Teow: Wok-fried comfort food at its best

Made with flat rice noodles, a mixture of sauces, seafood and just a hint of vegetables, Char Kuey Teow is almost an institution in this part of the region.

Mak’s stir-fried prawns bring out the child in you

Whether you're still a happy-go-lucky single or parents with a full brood, Mak's special stir-fry prawns will bring out the child in you.

B & Best makes waves with their seafood noodle selections

Specialising in seafood noodles, a customer has plenty to choose from - prawns, Red Snapper, Grouper and fish balls, as well as noodles prepared either dry, soup, or spiced-up.

James Bond hits the target with Char Kuey Teow 007-style

A Char Kuey Teow seller called James Bond, cooks up a pretty decent plate of this hawker favourite complete with big prawns, juicy cockles and lots of 'wok hei'.

5 places for sumptuous Sarawak Laksa in Kuching

Once called 'Breakfast of the Gods' by the late chef Anthony Bourdain, Sarawak Laksa is also top choice for lunch or dinner.

Thumbs up to Sabah Keratang for its delicious seafood fare

While any seafood meal can be a little pricey, Restoran Sabah Keratang's Giant Garupa dishes come in generous helpings and are absolutely lip-smacking.

When in Taiping, a bowl of Mee Udang Mak Jah is...

A flourishing roadside stall, both locals and tourists alike swear by the richness of the Mee Udang's broth and the freshness of its prawns.

Here’s to Penang hawker fare with a Klang Valley twist

At Restoran Penang Corner, be prepared to get meatballs instead of prawns in your Curry Mee and fish cake instead of kangkung in your Prawn Mee.

The best old-school fried rice in all of PJ

Dishing up the perfect plate of fried rice topped with a runny egg, this hawker from Kedah has operated the same stall in Restoran Hup Soon for over a decade.

Man fights off croc after it snaps shut on his leg

Man was cleaning fishing nets with friends after catching prawns by the riverbank in Ketereh when attacked.