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Tag: Prayut Chan-o-cha

Unexploded firebomb discovered in Bangkok

According to the Thai police, the device is similar to those that set off a series of blasts last week as Thailand hosted a meeting of Southeast Asian foreign ministers.

Thailand jamin sidang kemuncak Asean lancar

Krisis pelarian Rohingya adalah antara isu panas yang dijangka dibincangkan semasa sidang kemuncak Asean di Bangkok.

Thai court to hear case against party behind princess political bid

Thai Raksa Chart's move to bring in Princess Ubolratana for premier is a shocking move, bringing Thai royalty to frontline politics for the first time since the 1932 establishment of a constitutional monarchy.

Malaysia sedia bantu tamatkan konflik selatan Thai

Konflik di selatan negara Thai merupakan peluang kepada kedua-dua negara untuk mempamerkan semangat kesetiakawanan antara mereka.

Prayut names Gen Udomchai as head of southern Thai peace talks

Prayut also made it clear that the ongoing Malaysia-led peace talks between the Thai government and Majlis Syura Patani (Mara Patani) are in accordance with the country's constitution.

Unfriend: Thai junta leader receives social media pummelling

Prayut's Facebook post asking for suggestions from his followers on his government's policies elicited swift response, garnering more than 9,000 comments in less than 24 hours, with the majority of them negative.

As elections loom, Thai leader gets cosy with old political clans

With elections nearing, the Thai government has been courting the support of influential figures and clans across Thailand.

Thai parties call for junta to finally unshackle politics

Various Thai political parties voiced their discontentment about the political situation in Thailand.

Tainted love for Thai junta chief’s latest pop song

Thai Prime Minister's song "Diamond Heart" received an extremely negative response.

Thailand’s political activity ban stays for now

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-O-Cha cited persistent political divisions and mud-slinging as reasons why the ban should stay.

Thais urged to tone down the fun in run-up to king’s...

Junta chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha urged the public to adhere to mourning guidelines as the October 26 cremation approaches.

Thai junta chief ‘knows’ but won’t reveal fugitive Yingluck’s location

Yingluck, whose government was toppled in a 2014 coup, pulled her vanishing act shortly before a Supreme Court verdict scheduled for August 25.

Trump to host Thai junta chief at White House next week

Ties between the long-time allies were strained by Prayut's 2014 coup, which ushered in Thailand's most authoritarian government in a generation.

Malaysia-Thailand agree to better port connectivity

Thai Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha supports Malaysia's plan for better connectivity between Songkhla Port and Penang Port.

Thai PM defends Malaysia’s gold medal haul

Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha says 'it is normal' for the host country to get more gold medals due to the better preparations they have made.

Twerking star leaves Thai junta chief hot and bothered

Prayut has brought up Lamyai's dance moves with the press on three separate occasions, blasting the singer for her skimpy clothing and suggesting that foreigners are to blame for encouraging such lewdness.

Refer demands to Malaysia, Thai separatist group told

Pattani-based Barisan Revolusi Nasional has been asked to register its demands with Malaysia, which is the facilitator for the southern Thailand peace process.