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Decision not to prosecute Perlis preacher a letdown, says group

Hindu activist Arun Dorasamy says the decision not to act against Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu could affect the integrity of the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Man who introduced Malaysians to young Zakir Naik tells what went...

Charity worker and Islamic activist Iskandar Tan says the celebrity preacher's hosts could have been more prepared in the face of the storm.

Unwise to bring Zakir Naik to Penang, says state mufti

Penang mufti Wan Salim Mohd Noor says Dr Zakir Naik’s speeches often create controversy and may disturb the peace in a multiracial community.

Understand Malaysia’s racial sensitivities, Mujahid reminds foreign preachers

Minister says these preachers will have to take responsibility for their actions if they raise conflicts through their talks, causing disharmony among the people.

Naik spends over 5 hours at Bukit Aman

The controversial preacher, however, refused to speak to reporters.

Jho Low and Zakir Naik: A tale of two fugitives

If Putrajaya is not careful, people may think the present government is willing to put the interest of one man over the interest of the nation, which is to ensure Malaysians of all ethnicities and religions live in peace and understanding.

Naik should not question loyalty of Hindus in Malaysia

The preacher's comparison of the Hindus in Malaysia to the Muslims in India is uncalled for.

Kelantan assures security at Zakir Naik’s tour programme

It expects 100,000 visitors for highlight programme at the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium on Aug 9.

Muslim preacher defies conservatism to preach in Indonesia nightclubs

Conservative groups say his preaching in clubs and red light districts is an insult to the Muslim religion.

Give the facts about Naik extradition, official urges Putrajaya

Wisma Putra or AGC must clear the air and the matter brought to court so that public will know why India wants him, says a senior federal official.

IGP denies Zakir Naik is to be deported

Media outlets in India had reported that the preacher was to be flown to the country tonight.

Malaysia to deport Zakir Naik today?

The controversial preacher is wanted in India over allegations linked to money laundering and terrorism.

India court rejects Zakir Naik’s petition over unlawful activities probe

Bombay court says it cannot grant relief sought by Zakir Naik as he is not cooperating with police and has absconded from India.

Divided over gay rights, Costa Rica chooses new president

The result will decide who rules the small Central American nation of five million people for the next four years.

Canadian preacher pays Zamihan RM30,000 security cost

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is suing the government preacher for claiming that the Canadian is an 'international terrorism supporter'.

Dr M’s political comeback part of repentance, says academic

USM's Ahmad Fauzi says repentance can be shown in many forms and should not necessarily be about going to a madrasah to learn about Islam and pray.

PPBM: Age no barrier for sharp and fit Mahathir

PPBM’s Kamarudin Mohd Noor says 92-year-old former PM is able to travel around country and has vast experience which he can use for benefit of people.

14 denied entry into India — for looking like Muslim preachers

A group of Penangites claim to have been turned back from Chennai after being suspected to be 'Muslim preachers'.

Why is Zahid defending Zamihan?

How can Zamihan Mat Zin, who has extremist views and has uttered allegedly seditious statements, be effective in the de-radicalisation of IS militants?

Zakir Naik appoints Malaysian lawyer as extradition nears

The lawyer wants any extradition request or arrest warrant to go through him.

Kula: VVIP treatment of Zakir Naik hurts nation’s moderate image

Ipoh Barat MP says Putrajaya will be put on the spot if India takes action to arrest Islamist preacher for alleged links to terrorists.

Is Zakir Naik now persona non grata?

All the good work done in Malaysia to promote goodwill and understanding among different religious and ethnic communities have been seriously jeopardised by Naik's activities.

Indian authority may become party to Zakir Naik case in Malaysia

The case was filed in March by a group of Malaysians demanding the deportation of the controversial Islamic preacher.

Zamihan banned from giving lectures in mosques, surau

Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) has sent a letter informing all concerned about the newly enforced ban.