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Oral contraceptive pills and cancer risks

Modern contraceptive pills are safe, especially when they are prescribed by healthcare professionals following World Health Organisation guidance.

Radiation and pregnancy: What’s dangerous and what’s not

The kind of radiation that can seriously harm you comes from radiation extremes.

Does green tea aid pregnancy?

Studies say drinking green tea increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Special committee to probe forced birth control claims by Orang Asli

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says the investigations will be completed by July 26.

Anaemic women must be informed of pregnancy complications, says MMA

The Malaysian Medical Association says having children is a universal right but those at risk must be given proper advice by healthcare providers.

Drive against baby dumping welcomed, but…

An activist says no such campaign will work if it is short-term and aimed only at creating awareness.

Positive mental health during a pregnancy

Pregnancies are incredibly strenuous and the emotional changes that come with them can be hard to deal with.

Nike to waive performance targets for pregnant athletes

Nike has changed their policy last year o that no female athletes would be 'penalised financially for pregnancy'.

Herbs, an amazing form of birth control

While some herbs can result in temporary sterility, many come with side effects so consume these with caution and always consult your doctor first.

‘World’s smallest baby boy’ set to go home in Japan

At 258g, Ryusuke Sekiya is even lighter than the previous record holder, another Japanese boy who weighed just 268g.

What to expect in week 20 of pregnancy

As baby gets bigger, an ultrasound can detect its sex as well as structural abnormalities of the bones and organs if any.

What women should know in week 9 of pregnancy

Apart from body changes, there will also be new work and health issues you will have to deal with.

Getting pregnant and how to prepare for it

Eat well, take your vitamins, but most importantly see your doctor to ensure you prepare your body well for pregnancy.

Working night shifts while pregnant could increase the risk of miscarriage

The risk of miscarriage increases with the number of night shifts worked per week, and also by numbers of consecutive night shifts.

A woman’s age and pregnancy history could affect her risk of...

Experiencing a previous miscarriage also increased the risk of experiencing another.

Taking painkillers during pregnancy does appear to not cause childhood asthma

Data on the fathers and the children's siblings was also included to look at how genetic factors and a shared environment may also affect asthma risk.

Study: Home birth may increase risk of stillbirth

Professor Eyal Sheiner says a hospital is still the most secure environment for mothers to give birth to their babies even with advances in modern medicine.

Study: Oral antifungal drug raises risk of miscarriage

Canadian researchers find taking fluconazole orally at any dose results in a greater likelihood of miscarrying.

Preventing autism in your baby during pregnancy

While there are no guarantees, you can still help lower the risk of delivering an autistic baby by eating healthy, and avoiding polluted air and toxic chemicals.

The link between stress and miscarriages

Studies have shown that women under extreme stress have a higher likelihood of miscarrying compared to women who aren't.

Unwed Malaysian teens are having more sex but fewer babies?

Secrecy mars accurate data collection, but the poor seem to be most at risk of unplanned pregnancies

Pregnant and having leg cramps? Here’s how to deal with it

From flexing your muscles when experiencing a cramp to placing a warm towel on the area, read on for more do-able ways to ease the pain.

A Mediterranean diet during pregnancy can lower child’s risk of a...

Following a Mediterranean diet during pregnancy could have a positive effect on a child's BMI according to new research.

Time to conceive and fertility treatment may both affect a child’s...

New European research has found that parents who take longer to get pregnant and who use fertility treatment may have children with a higher risk of developing asthma.