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Tag: pregnant women

Drinking during pregnancy may increase mental health problems in children

Researchers say complete abstinence from alcohol during pregnancy is advisable to decrease the risk of mental health problems in children.

Conflicts may have killed 5 million children in Africa

Deaths result from interrupted medical care for pregnant women and newborns, while disease spread as sanitary services and water networks crumble; a lack of medicines, and malnutrition as food runs out.

Dutch trial with Viagra halted after 11 babies die

When the trial was stopped on Monday, roughly half of 183 pregnant women participating were taking sildenafil, the Amsterdam University's Academic Medical Centre (AMC) said.

Suhakam: Give mothers in prison proper healthcare, child support

The human rights commission says necessary prenatal as well as postpartum care and treatment must be provided for female prisoners.

Review of labour laws to protect pregnant women

Human resources ministry says employers who fire pregnant employees who are on maternity leave could be fined RM10,000.

Women face glass ceilings at every level

We tend to be myopic when it comes to analysing women's potential, seeing what's happening at the top, but not at the very root of the problem.

Zika abortion only muftis’ ‘personal opinion’, minister says

Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki says the matter requires further discussions first before a final ruling can be reached.

Zika: Pregnant women told to be cautious but not panic

Minister of Women, Family and Community Development says if symptoms are detected, it is best to go to the nearest clinic or hospital.

Six Zika cases in S’pore involve Malaysians

Singapore Ministry of Health says all down with Zika suffered mild illness and most are recovering.

MTUC: Stop discrimination against pregnant women

MTUC Secretary-General N Gopal Kishnam says such practices could thwart efforts to have more women in decision-making positions.