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No laws to stop discrimination against pregnant job seekers

Mahfuz Omar says victims could lodge complaints with the Human Resources Ministry.

Eating meat when pregnant: Is it a healthy choice?

There is no need to stop eating meat when pregnant provided you store, prepare and cook your proteins in the right way.

Birth control medication for Orang Asli meant to treat anaemia, says...

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says it is done out of a sense of responsibility so women don’t suffer complications during pregnancy.

We should not be ashamed of Allah’s mercy

People dependent on medication and the pregnant struggle through the month of Ramadan.

You’re overdue: Now what?

Your baby should be the size of a big jackfruit or watermelon at this stage but despite the size, you can still have a normal birth through the vagina.

Give tax breaks to those who install CCTVs, says DAP rep

CCTVs in private premises may fill gaps not covered by the state’s cameras, says Heng Lee Lee.

UK’s Duchess of Sussex Meghan is pregnant

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced the Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the spring of 2019.

Pregnant New Zealand minister cycles to delivery ward

Green MP and keen cyclist Genter chose pedal power for Sunday's one kilometre journey from her home to Auckland City Hospital for the delivery.

Supermodel Kate Upton pregnant with first child

Supermodel and actress Kate Upton took to Instagram to show off a new addition: her baby bump.

Paris metro fines pregnant woman for walking wrong way

The pregnant woman wanted to save some time on her journey and was given a ticket for going the wrong way.

Gang rape in Kluang: Cops send investigation papers to AG

One of the 9 armed forces suspects is victim's boyfriend and victim is now nine weeks pregnant.

Antibiotics during pregnancy could increase a child’s risk of infection

New research suggests that taking antibiotics just before or during pregnancy could increase a child's risk of infection.

Pregnant woman wants seat on Tokyo metro: There’s an app for...

The service allows a pregnant woman to send a message when she wants a seat.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women travelers underprotected from disease

Pregnant women are more susceptible to certain infectious diseases, including malaria and influenza, and in some cases experience more severe symptoms, the study team writes.

Sacked for being pregnant, Hong Kong maids called ‘dogs’, left homeless

Many pregnant foreign domestic workers are also unlawfully fired, charities say, leading to homelessness and destitution, with some women selling sex to survive and are at risk of exploitation and trafficking.

Pregnant woman’s suicide roils China

The hospital and Ma's family have traded blame for refusing her request for a Caesarean, presumably provoking her to kill herself rather than continue suffering through an excruciating labour.

Federal Court to hear case challenging how court damages are set

Ex-teacher Noorfadilla Ahmad Saikin, who successfully sued govt over termination, gets apex court nod to fight for clear guidelines to be in place when awarding damages.

Is mobile phone use safe during pregnancy?

New research suggests that using a mobile phone while pregnant is unlikely to have any adverse effects on child neurodevelopment.

Zizie, Bung Moktar expecting twins

The babies will arrive between December and January.

Avoid meat, eggs and lust, pregnant Indians told

Doctors said the advice bordered on ridiculous, especially in a country that recorded a staggering 45,000 maternal deaths in 2015, according to the World Health Organization.

Uber ‘deeply upset’ woman passenger robbed during ride

E-hailing operator is in direct contact with passenger and says even one such incident is 'one too many'.

Pregnant woman faints after husband detained again under Poca

Her husband, a salesman for an investment company, was ordered held for another 38 days after finishing 21 days of detention.

Don’t let Poca detainees’ families suffer, says Surendran

Padang Serai MP calls for ordinary criminals who are denied normal legal process to be guaranteed that their dependents’ are taken care of.

Caning 100 times unwed mothers akin to forcing abortions, says MCA

It is a sin to subject a pregnant woman to such punishment with nary a thought for the baby she is carrying, says Chew Mei Fun.