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Foxconn billionaire confirms presidency run after receiving divine support

Gou says Chinese sea goddess Mazu has backed his wish to run for presidency.

Karim leaves future in athletics federation to council

Malaysian Athletics Federation president Karim Ibrahim says adverse publicity about him is affecting his family.

Dominic Lau gunning for Gerakan presidency

The party vice-president says he has received a lot of calls asking him to take over as president after Mah Siew Keong announced he would not be defending his post.

Wee to go for MCA presidency

The Ayer Itam MP, the sole MCA rep in Dewan Rakyat, says the decision is because he feels dutybound to continue MCA's struggle.

Brazil’s Lula to register as presidential candidate from jail

Top members of Lula's Workers Party (PT) are planning a march in Brasilia to register his candidacy with electoral officials just hours before the deadline.

Jailed Lula is endorsed by Workers’ Party for Brazil’s top job

Lula leads opinion polls, but is likely to be barred from running because of his criminal conviction for corruption and money-laundering.

Academic: Umno believes reform possible even with old faces

Awang Azman Awang Pawi says the new leadership line-up reflects the tradition of 'forgive and forget'.

Congratulations, but no cooperation, Dr M tells Zahid

The prime minister and PH chairman says Zahid's victory shows he is well loved by Umno members.

Can Umno really remain Malay but serve all?

To truly serve all, the party must derive its power from all people.

Khairy ‘not Umno enough’ for presidency, says Art Harun

Lawyer Azhar Harun says in 'Umno lingo', 'not Umno enough' is akin to being 'not Melayu enough' and 'not Islam enough'.

Trump praises Chinese president extending tenure ‘for life’

US president describes Xi Jinping as the most powerful Chinese leader in a century, even as US probe into China’s alleged theft of intellectual property gets underway.

Tumultuous week puts Trump presidency on perilous path

The possibility of impeachment is being floated, albeit very cautiously, by an increasing number of people in Washington's corridors of power.