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Tag: President Rodrigo Duterte

Philippines withdraws top diplomats from Canada over trash row

President Rodrigo Duterte threaten Canada with war and says he would personally escort the waste containers by sea back to Canada.

Philippine envoy says he will protest China Sea rescue centre

China has built a web of artificial islands to exert influence in the South China Sea, raising the ire of countries including the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, who also lay claim to the area.

After ‘nap-gate’, Duterte skips APEC summit dinner

Duterte sends his trade minister instead.

Philippines says UN rights council seat vindicates its policies

Human rights activists say Duterte's crackdown on drugs after taking office in June 2016 made his government unfit for a seat at the body.

Philippines’ Duterte says Malaysian Islamist militant killed

Rodrigo Duterte says Mahmud Ahmad is the latest militant leader to have been killed in the nearly five-month battle in Marawi.

Duterte eyes counter-terrorism task force with Malaysia, Indonesia

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte also expresses willingness to open borders to Indonesian and Malaysian security forces hunting Islamist fighters.