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Xi to trumpet China’s ‘open’ markets at trade forum

Organisers say more than 3,000 foreign companies from 130 countries will put their products on display for potential Chinese buyers at the China International Import Expo.

China says no to Winnie the Pooh film after President Xi...

The decision has revived online discussion as censors have in the past targeted the film's main character due to memes that compare the bumbling bear to president Xi Jinping.

China’s Xi offers fresh US$295 million grant to Sri Lanka in...

The grant offer comes at a time when a Chinese firm is facing heavy criticism for allegedly financing the last election campaign of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Xi faces hurdles bashing American brands in a Trump trade war

Even when Chinese companies don’t have direct ownership links with US brands, Orlik said, boycotts or other non-tariff retaliation would hit the local partners of those American companies.