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Tag: price hikes

Netflix’s Italian experiment spurs speculation about price hikes

Netflix has been raising prices globally, increasing its revenue to spend more on producing and purchasing shows and movies.

10 years after the recession, Americans wake up to rising prices

Announced by companies during the most recent earnings season, these price hikes have typically ranged from 2% to 10%.

Will there be a SST song now? Najib wonders as prices...

Former prime minister says in the past, Lim Guan Eng criticised GST as cause of rising prices but now attributes multiple factors for price hikes.

Yes, keep receipts to fight profiteering, say retailers

Mydin hypermarket managing director Ameer Ali Mydin and Malaysian Retailers Association say prices of some goods will surely go up with SST.

Trump told Pfizer CEO price hikes hurt his drug plan

Pfizer said on Tuesday it was deferring its drug price increases on around 40 drugs for no more than six months after Read's conversation with Trump.

Jordan price hikes spark protests, royal reprieve

Vehement protests across Jordan drove King Abdullah II to order the government to freeze new price hikes on fuel and electricity.

Problem solving, the Malaysian way

Ministers and the authorities should take heed of the call from Sultan Nazrin Shah to identify the root cause of problems afflicting society.

Minister: Only those who don’t believe in God raise prices

"God has never told anyone to raise prices or reduce it," Hamzah Zainuddin tells the Dewan Rakyat in answer to a question about the rising prices of goods and services.