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Be transparent on B40 petrol subsidy in East Malaysia, urges Sarawak...

Nancy Shukri says Sarawakians deserve to know the details, including expenses for the B40 petrol subsidy programme since they are excluded from it.

HK property prices remain resilient in face of protests

A buyer says she is only confident that Hong Kong real estate prices won’t drop.

RON97 to go up another 12 sen

The price of RON95 and diesel remains unchanged

Oil rallies on Mideast tensions, stocks weighed by trade remarks

Investors are concern about a possible conflict in the Middle East after last week's attacks on Aramco's oil refineries.

RON97 up by 14 sen, RON95 and diesel unchanged

The surge in oil prices is due to the attacks on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Oil’s rising again as Iran’s warning of war ratchets up tensions

Given the level of uncertainty into the weekend, prices could remain skewed to the upside, says an analyst.

Minister wants Sarawak to explain why PPR units are priced 10%...

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin says higher prices will burden the people.

Brilliant tips to market a property fast

From creating a minimalist look to repairing broken hinges or shelves, keeping your home clean and spacious goes a long way in clinching that sale.

RON97 up 4 sen

But the price of RON95 and diesel remain the same.

RON97 down by 3 sen

Prices for RON95 and diesel stay put at RM2.08 and RM2.18 respectively.

Malaysia Competition Commission monitoring cement prices

MyCC CEO urges public to lodge complaints if they encounter 'suspicious conduct' in cement industry.

Co-living: How open are Malaysians to this idea?

While Hong Kong and now Singapore embrace the idea of co-living, the compelling reason behind it is the skyrocketing prices of property there.

RON97 down 13 sen for 2 weeks, RON95, diesel prices unchanged

The government will spend RM165.27 million in subsidies to rein in the price of fuel until June 14.

RON97 goes up 12 sen

But prices of RON95 and diesel remain unchanged.

Drop in coal, gas prices won’t affect electricity tariffs

TNB chairman Leo Moggie says the current coal and gas prices are higher than the base prices set during last revision in 2018.

Why is the Shell Lubricant in Tesco so much cheaper?

The difference in price of RM161 is strange and sounds like someone is getting played out. Or not. Read on to find out.

Can’t go wrong with ‘right product-right pricing’ formula

If you focus on the right product and the right price, the market will no longer be an issue of concern.

WHO on why healthcare is so expensive

The WHO report points to ways that policy makers, health professionals and citizens alike can continue to strengthen health systems.

UK shoppers slow their spending ahead of Brexit, some stockpile

Strong consumer spending is slowing down in the world's fifth-biggest economy for much of the period since the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Palladium retraces after breaching US$1,550

The metal has risen more than 21% so far this year on a sustained supply deficit.

Samsung Galaxy S10 versus iPhone Xs Max: How they measure up

Samsung and Apple's flagship phones go head to head, breaking down some of the most significant ways the Galaxy S10 and iPhone 10s differ from each other.

Apple to lower iPhone prices outside US to offset strong dollar

The rising greenback is hurting Cupertino's international sales.

Trump goes after pharma on Twitter as companies increase prices

Trump’s tweet says drugmakers are “not being fair to the consumer, or to our Country!”

Plunging coffee bean prices could drive grower cutbacks in 2019

The annual average price paid to farmers in Brazil is the lowest in four years in local currency terms.