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Polish priest ‘very sorry’ for Harry Potter book burning

Father Rafal Jaroszewicz apologised but felt his actions were 'not irreverent to any social group or religion'.

Cardinal admits Church files on paedophile priests ‘destroyed’

The ongoing scandals have escalated, engulfing countries across the globe with the latest crises hitting Chile, Germany and the US.

Catholic priests abused thousands in Germany

The damning report, which Cardinal Reinhard Marx is to present officially on September 25, deals another blow to the Church after clerical child abuse has been uncovered worldwide.

Australian Catholics vow to end child abuse “cover-ups”

The royal commission, which heard horrific stories during often emotionally exhausting public and private hearings, delivered its final report in December.

Vatican knew of Pennsylvania sex abuse cover-up

Catholic bishops in Pennsylvania systematically denied the sexual abuse of thousands of children over a 70-year period, but secretly documented the cases and sent the information to the Vatican.

US Catholics ‘sickened’ by sex abuse report, stand by their faith

Nearly 200 parishioners filled almost all the pews for Saturday’s Mass at St. Patrick’s Church, where six priests who at one time worked in that parish are accused in the report of sexually abusing children.

Pennsylvania report lists more than 300 ‘predator’ priests

The two-year investigation by a grand jury into all but two Pennsylvania dioceses turned up dozens of witnesses.

Sabah mulls giving pastors, priests salaries

The deputy chief minister says the proposal came after the state government's move to give salaries to imams.

In Mexican cartel country, priests have uneasy ties with narcos

The issue erupted into the headlines again this month when two priests were murdered in Guerrero in a carjacking that had the hallmarks of a drug hit.

Pope Francis consulted psychoanalyst in the 70s, says book

The Argentine pontiff, who saw the psychoanalyst when he was 42, says the experience was beneficial to him.