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Made in China: Trump re-election flags may get burned by his...

Jiahao Flag Co Ltd has turned out about 90,000 banners since March, an unusually large number for what is normally the low season, and manager Yao believed the China-US trade war was the reason.

Flag printer’s business flying high​ ahead of polls​

From Barisan Nasional to Pakatan Harapan, PAS and Warisan flags, MDT Garment receives thousands of orders a day.

Home minister can prohibit non-Muslim religious publications, court told

The reliance on a provision in the Printing, Presses and Publications Act is constitutional on grounds of public order and national security, says government lawyer Shamsul Bolhassan.

Johor MACC arrests 2 religious officers, seizes 6 cars

They allegedly accepted bribes from a printing company to print books for state religious schools.