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Anwar tells of the day Mandela sought his forgiveness

Anwar Ibrahim says Nelson Mandela apologised to him for not being able to secure his release from jail sooner, in the 1990s.

Hanoi: Land of immense beauty, history and character

One can only hope this district will escape the developers’ wrecking ball and be recognised by Unesco as a world cultural heritage site someday.

‘American Taliban’ Lindh released from prison, sparking concerns

Lindh, 38, is a free man now after his release from high-security prison in Terre Haute, Indiana three years early for good behaviour in a 20-year sentence.

Include Prisons under IPCMC in view of custodial deaths, urges Ramasamy

With another death in custody in Penang last week, the DAP man urges the government to widen monitoring of the department.

Swedish prosecutor to give decision on Assange rape probe

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is currently in prison in Britain after his seven years in hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Torture continues in in Iraq jail

HRW says the accused are often detained on lofty or circumstantial evidence.

‘American Taliban’ Lindh to leave prison next month

John Walker Lindh will also not be allowed to travel abroad for the three years without express court permission.

Sudan’s Bashir transferred to prison, says family

Omar al-Bashir was toppled by military rulers last week after four months of protests, ending his 30-year-rule.

Never again, says wife of Sabahan after ordeal in Cambodian prison

Chong Su Kyun is grateful to be reunited with his family, while his wife says she will not allow him to look for jobs overseas anymore.

Peru’s Fujimori pardon annulled, forced back to prison

The rightwing populist who led Peru from 1990-2000 has said for years that he suffers from life-threatening health problems.

Trump’s ex-lawyer Cohen gets 3 years in prison

The lawyer was part of Donald Trump's inner circle who in the past called himself the president's "fixer".

Cohen’s leniency bid fails; US seeks ‘significant’ prison time

Despite coming clean on some of his crimes, federal prosecutors said Cohen deserves a substantial prison term.

Don’t lie, Amar Singh tells Justo over forced confession claim

Soon after Amar Singh says police did not force the 1MDB whistleblower to say anything, Justo clarifies that it was the Thai cops who forced him to 'confess' to 'the lies'.

Bangladesh court hands former PM new jail term

The verdict triggered clashes between police and thousands of supporters of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), which Zia still leads from prison.

Guantanamo to stay open at least 25 years, says admiral

Under president George W Bush, the military hastily built the prison camp following the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001.

Rehab programme in prison vital for sex offenders

It is short-sighted to lock up sex offenders and hope for the best.

Putin foe Navalny freed from jail after back-to-back sentences

Authorities have turned up the heat on Vladimir Putin's top foe.

Rehab programmes for child sex offenders not doable, says criminologist

P Sundramoorthy says Malaysia does not have the resources to implement such programmes, which have also had a low success rate in other countries.

Reform child sexual offenders in jail, say lawyers

They say the long prison term imposed on such offenders is similar to a natural life sentence, and that the convicts should not be left to languish in jail.

Peruvian ex-president says return to prison would be ‘death sentence’

The ex-ruler is revered and despised in equal measure in Peru. Admirers laud him for dragging the country's economy into the modern era and defeating the Shining Path guerrilla movement.

7 dead in riot at Guatemalan maximum security prison

At least 12 inmates died in a riot in July 2013 at the same prison.

7 inmates die after Brazil prison riot

Brazil has the world's third largest prison population, with 726,712 inmates as of June 2016.

Dozens of inmates escape in Myanmar jail break

The inmates drove through the prison gates.

Ex-Trump campaign aide Papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in prison

Russia has denied US allegations that it interfered in the campaign and President Trump denies campaign collusion.