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Language requirements just good business for the private sector

Politicians and dons should stop harping on private companies that look for selected employees who can speak Mandarin or any other foreign language.

Malaysian economy to sustain growth momentum, spurred by private sector

Private sector activity is expected to sustain the Malaysian economy, with private consumption projected to expand by 6.6% from a preliminary 8.1% in 2018.

Privatisation policy still relevant after 36 years, says Dr M

The prime minister says it can help tackle the oversized civil service which has heavy financial implications for the country.

Survey shows Malays, Indians face discrimination in getting jobs

Chinese candidates for private sector jobs obtain more callbacks than their Malay and Indian peers combined, shows survey by Centre for Governance and Political Studies.

Govt ditching GLCs could affect the poor, warns PSM

Michael Jeyakumar says some GLCs are well run and can be used to help workers as well as those from the B40 group.

Putrajaya should opt out of GLCs in construction, property, says academic

Universiti Malaya's Terence Gomez says heavy government involvement in the sectors could be abused for patronage politics.

Wan Azizah: More women needed on board of public listed companies

The deputy prime minister says Malaysian women make up only 19% of board members in companies with a market capitalisation of RM2 billion or more.

Australia job vacancies rise to fresh record in November quarter

The rise of job vacancies series is proving a reliable leading indicator of labour demand and turning points in employment growth.

Dr M: Langkawi hotel’s success shows govt shouldn’t conduct business

The prime minister hails the success of Dash Resort which was once a government-owned building.

Mahathir wants proof crowdfunding for housing will work

The prime minister says the Employees Provident Fund can invest in such platforms if they are confident of getting good returns.

Stop work at 11am and exercise for 15 minutes daily, Dr...

The prime minister says the sedentary lifestyle is taking a toll on the health of Malaysians, especially office workers, and that they must walk or move their bodies to stay healthy and live longer.

Transparency key to getting private sector to develop airports , says...

Airports Council International director-general Angela Gittens says many in private sector keen on developing airports as they can get returns on their investments.

3rd national car project: Private sector will have to do it,...

The prime minister says Putrajaya does not have enough money to fund the proposed project.

Dr M vows return to glory days with Malaysia Inc

The prime minister also lauds Malaysia's leading role in the rubber industry where it produces material for goods ranging from surgical gloves to condoms.

Stop telling women how to dress, activists urge Putrajaya

They say the government should focus on other more pertinent issues, such as child marriages, protecting the rights of the Orang Asli community and restoring the country’s economy.

Guan Eng to Najib: Prove Arul Kanda took pay cut

The finance minister says claims that the former 1MDB CEO earned a bigger pay elsewhere is just mere talk.

Govt to continue developing National Feedlot Centre

The centre has 72 satellite farms with 7,000 head of cattle.

Dr M disappointed over cool response to second national car

In a blog post, the prime minister says Malaysia's cars will 'be made from Milo tins forever'.

Changing of the guard: New Malaysia, new judges?

Like other modern democracies, Malaysia should consider talent from outside the ranks of the establishment in the selection of the most senior judiciary.

Guan Eng: Private sector to spur growth as govt diversifies revenue...

Finance Minister agrees there will be a funding gap with the scrapping of the GST but that the government is working to diversify its revenue base, cut wastage and get the private sector to spur growth.

Think tank: Monitor health expenditure, don’t just increase funds

IDEAS welcomes increased allocation for public health, but says it is important to set up a good monitoring system to ensure the money is well spent.

Bill to make firms liable for graft gets praise from TI-M

Transparency International-Malaysia says although the amendment will come into force in two years time, it is a good start and will bring beneficial changes to the Malaysian business landscape.

MP: When will govt deliver on 90 days maternity leave promise?

Teo Nie Ching says the government announced under Budget 2018 that women workers in the private sector will enjoy 90 days of maternity leave but it has just been empty talk so far.

Govt: Employers must allow staff 90 days maternity leave

Any termination of staff during their maternity leave will be investigated, says human resources deputy minister.