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South Korean ex-first lady and women’s rights activist dies

'Today we are seeing off a great person who dedicated her entire life to women,' South Korean president Moon Jae-in says in a statement.

30 years after Tiananmen, protesters’ goals further away than ever

Democracy cannot survive if China is the global power, says a Tiananmen activist.

Three decades on, dissident Wang Dan revisits Tiananmen crackdown

'I have a very close relationship with intellectuals, and the government want to label these protests as provoke by intellectuals.'

China’s selective memory, 30 years after Tiananmen massacre

A month after marking a century of the May Fourth Movement at Tiananmen, comes the 30th anniversary of the massacre at the same site.

Singapore activist fined for public Skype call with HK protest leader

Singaporean rights activist Jolovan Wham will appeal the conviction but if that fails, he will not pay the fines.

Hong Kong democrats ‘furious’ over new election ban

Hong Kong legislator Eddie Chu is the first person to be blocked from standing in rural village elections after poll officials decided he is pro-independence.

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker barred from contesting local election

The former British colony reverted to Chinese rule in 1997 amid guarantees the territory would enjoy a high degree of autonomy and freedoms under a 'one country, two systems' formula.

Ousted Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker barred from by-election

A document of reasoning submitted by the returning officer said that Lau's advocacy of self-determination for Hong Kong entirely rejected Chinese rule over the semi-autonomous city.

Hong Kong top court frees 13 pro-democracy activists

The group were earlier sentenced to between eight and 13 months after the government successfully sought to overturn a previous punishment of community service and seek harsher terms.

Hong Kong radical test case in China’s bid to limit speech

China and the Hong Kong government are shrinking the political space for freedom of expression,” said Chris Ng of the Progressive Lawyers’ Group.

Hong Kong academics warn of “political battleground” at universities

HONG KONG: Pro-democracy Hong Kong academics say they have been sidelined from city universities for their political views as fears grow that education is...

Hundreds protest over Hong Kong’s move to ban separatist political party

Organizers said 1,200 protested, while the police estimated 600 attended at the peak.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters defiant, but rally turnout hits a low

Hong Kong's opposition has lost much steam in the past year, which saw elected pro-democracy legislators disqualified and some of the most prominent activists jailed.

Hong Kong goes to polls in crunch vote for democrats

Beijing has become increasingly incensed at the emergence of activists advocating independence and sees calls for self-determination as part of a splittist push.

Hundreds join anti-junta rally in Thailand as calls for democracy grow

The military regime has kept a tight rein on dissent since its 2014 power grab by outlawing gatherings of more than five people and pursuing activists in the courts.