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Tag: product

Can’t go wrong with ‘right product-right pricing’ formula

If you focus on the right product and the right price, the market will no longer be an issue of concern.

If you whisper, so will Alexa

Right now, Alexa's 'indoor voice' is only available in English.

Why supersonic aircraft could be a terrible idea for the planet

Exponential carbon emissions and noise pollution in a new study that takes a closer look at the environmental impact of commercial supersonic jets.

Could a glass of red wine a day help protect against...

Moderate red wine consumption does not significantly increase the risk of prostate cancer according to new research, and in fact could have a slight protective effect.

Australian regulator clears Saputo’s US$1 billion takeover of Murray Goulburn

Farmers had expressed concerns about any short-term ACCC intervention in the transaction because they wanted certainty after "a bumpy ride with Murray Goulburn".

Mexico to legalize marijuana-based product sales next year

Several other Latin American countries, including Mexico, have already legalized medical marijuana, but Mexico will go a step further by legalizing the sale of marijuana-based products.

‘MSG doesn’t cause hair loss or cancer’

Ajinomoto dismisses the negative perceptions held by many, backed by data from scientific studies and expert testimony.