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Professor Doerak delivers the purr-fect message of love

The University of Groningen in the Netherlands has a post-graduate cat named Professor Doerak strolling through its campus grounds.

Breaking Bad: Japan prof ‘made students produce ecstasy’

The pharmacology professor could face up to 10 years if convicted.

HK court finds Malaysian don guilty in ‘yoga ball’ murder case

The court heard earlier in the trial that Khaw had told colleagues he planned to use the gas on rabbits. He later told police he had taken it to get rid of rats at home.

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan faces rape accuser in court

The Swiss citizen, whose grandfather founded Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, was charged in France in February with raping two women in hotels in 2009 and 2012.

Hong Kong professor on suicide watch after being charged with wife’s...

Khaw Kim Sun, 53, of the Chinese University of Hong Kong's anaesthesia and intensive care department, has pleaded not guilty to accusations of murdering his wife and daughter in 2015.

Hong Kong professor charged with murder after wife’s body found in...

The associate professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering had reported his wife missing, saying she had not returned home after an argument.

Hong Kong professor arrested for murder after body found in suitcase

Police said they became suspicious of Cheung after CCTV footage failed to show his wife leaving their home, while Cheung was also seen moving a large wooden box out of the premises.

How should Muslim doctors deal with the LGBT issue?

Muslim doctors who follow Quranic principles in handling the LGBT community are often seen as bigots or as spreading hatred even if this is done with the intention of giving advice to the public.

Doctor chided over disdain for LGBT community

Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation ticks off a medical doctor for her comments against the LGBT community.

Are religious scholars the bane of nation-building?

The education ministry should take another look at the Islamic education syllabus with a view of the bigger picture of nation-building.

Is Zakir Naik engaging in comparative religion or insulting other faiths?

Experts in comparative religion usually do not belong to any faith because if they do, they will be charged with academic bias.

What’s the best solution to Penang’s horrid traffic gridlock?

The Penang Transport Master Plan, costing RM46 billion, is the largest project the state plans to undertake, and must be closely scrutinised.

Two Islamists ordered hanged for machete murder of Bangladesh professor

Rezaul Karim Siddique of Rajshahi University had been murdered by two Islamic extremists in 2016.

Chinese universities reject professor after 20-year-old assault allegation goes viral

Language professor Shen Yang has been accused of committing an act of sexual assault that led to the victim's suicide in 1998.

Canada professor’s 4th-century beer is a classic

Professor Matt Gibbs worked with Barn Hammer Brewing Company to recreate a fourth-century beer from ancient Egypt.

British geneticist Sulston dies age 75

Sulston won the Nobel prize for medicine in 2002 for his work on genome sequencing.

Quantum physics scientist named Australian of the Year

Michelle Simmons won the award for creating the world's first transistor made from a single atom.

Set up counters to report misconduct in varsities, urges Tian Chua

He says people cannot remain silent on rampant plagiarism, sexual harassment and lecturers being absent for work for months.

Met Dept: No sign of big quakes in Indian Ocean

It advises public to get authentic information from its website instead of believing viral messages spread over WhatsApp.

Wawancara professor mengenai isu Korea Selatan di BBC diterjah 2 anak...

Robert dilihat tenang dengan meminta maaf beberapa kali sebelum kedua-dua anaknya digarab dan dibawa keluar oleh ibu mereka.

Is Unisel don PKR’s choice for Sungai Besar?

Pakatan Harapan negotiating with PAS to ensure a straight fight with BN for the by-election on June 18.