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Make public 5,000 missing pages of Sabah RCI report, PH urged

Sabah opposition party SAPP also believes the reported number of 600,000 migrants who are to get the special pass is unrealistic.

Ex-Sabah DCM poses series of questions on special pass

Wilfred Bumburing says issuing the special pass will mean immigrants can stay for long periods without proper travel documents.

Bersih calls for second RCI into Sabah illegal immigrants – and...

This time, the RCI must be given powers to act against those responsible for granting citizenship to illegals.

Clean up Sabah electoral rolls first before auto registration of voters,...

SAPP says an RCI had in 2013 confirmed the existence of 'Project IC'.

Curb crime involving foreigners before situation explodes, warns Jeffrey

Jeffrey Kitingan claims Sabahans don’t feel safe any more with the rise in crimes involving foreigners.

Apa jadi dengan bukti, PBS desak RCI baru isu beri MyKad...

Maximus Ongkili berkata Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja baru boleh membantu mencerahkan orang ramai susulan aduan dan 'bukti baru' tentang isu pemberian MyKad kepada warga asing.

Saya tidak ada kena-mengena dengan Projek IC, kata Musa Aman

Projek IC merujuk kepada dakwaan eksesais pemberian kewarganegaraan kepada pendatang tanpa izin pada 1980-an dan 1990-an yang mengubah demografi negeri Sabah.

Act on old ‘secret’ reports to solve problem of illegals, urges...

PBS Supreme Council member Arthur Sen says reports of technical committee set up following royal inquiry have been classified as secret.

Kenapa Warisan gementar jika tak terlibat kempen kerakyatan, kata pembangkang

Jeffrey Kitingan berkata Warisan tiada sebab untuk menyerang bekas ketua menteri Musa Aman.

Warisan denies involvement in ‘citizenship drive’

Warisan leaders and the home ministry believe syndicates are involved in selling fake forms to desperate illegal immigrants hoping for citizenship.

Shafie urges compassion for stateless people

The chief minister says stateless people should not be penalised as such just because one of their parents is not Malaysian.

Pendidikan alat utama bela kanak-kanak tanpa kerakyatan di Sabah, kata NGO

Jika pendidikan tidak disalurkan anak-anak tanpa kerakyatan akan membesar menjadi manusia yang bermasalah.

Act on RCI report on illegal immigrants, says Sabah politician

Sabah opposition leader Henrynus Amin also calls on Lim Kit Siang to ask the government to reveal the 5,000 pages the DAP veteran had claimed were removed from the RCI report.

PBS worried ‘real Sabahans’ may become refugees if illegal immigrants get...

PBS deputy president Radin Malleh tells Sabahans to keep an eye on anyone offering citizenship or PR to illegal immigrants and alert government agencies concerned.

Hundreds throng NRD counter, sparking fears of Projek IC 2.0 in...

However, NRD says the counter is only to check the status of applications for birth certificates and MyKad.

Recognise stateless people in Sabah, think tank urges

Oh Ei Sun from the Pacific Research Centre says stateless people of foreign descent should be given some form of legitimate status to help them access employment and contribute to the state's human resource needs.

5 years after being grilled over ‘Project IC’, Dr M to...

The prime minister skipped Sabah during the last election campaign, but hopes are high he is coming as a 'changed man'.

Don’t dodge citizenship issue in Sabah, Warisan told

Political activist Armizan Mohd Ali says Warisan leaders should take steps to address the matter instead of pointing fingers and accusing the opposition of spreading propaganda.

Sabah says letter to solve late registration problems, not another Projek...

The Sabah rural development ministry denies a letter seeking information on remote villages and islands is prelude to another Projek IC.

Sabah ICs: Show same resolve as Dompok, activist tells Upko man

Former Upko Youth chief Arthur Sen says party founder Bernard Dompok was even willing to resign from his position as a federal minister if the RCI into Projek IC was not carried out.

Sabah IC plan very much on table, says Warisan

Warisan treasurer Terence Siambun says Sabah Card can be answer to problem of illegal immigrants with dubious MyKad in state.

Why isn’t Mahathir visiting Sabah to tell us his plans, asks...

The Kimanis parliamentary candidate challenged the Pakatan Harapan leader to explain to Sabahans why he must be made the prime minister again.

Mahathir a liability for Sabah PH, says SAPP

SAPP’s Richard Yong says Sabahans suffered from poor infrastructure and drain of revenue from resources when Mahathir was prime minister.

Kami tak tahu mengenai Projek IC pada masa itu, kata Upko

Donald Mojuntin berkata partinya belum ditubuhkan pada 1980-an.