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Tag: propaganda

Taiwan urges citizens to stay on alert for China-backed media ‘infiltration’

President Tsai's statement follows a Reuters report of a Beijing-backed media campaign in Taiwan.

The threat now is fake news, says Thai army chief

He warns that such fake news can turn young Thais against the military and the monarchy.

Fake tourists and car crashes: How China blocks reporters in Xinjiang

This 'accident' illustrates the great lengths the Chinese authorities go to obstruct journalists from covering topics deemed sensitive in Xinjiang.

Should the Najib-Kit Siang debate take place?

Najib Razak has nothing to lose from such a debate but much to gain in the political arena.

Love your enemy, help Utusan

Perhaps a new Utusan will emerge with the help of Malaysians, to once again open up the Malay mind.

Not true PH obsessed with 1MDB, says Rewcastle-Brown

Saying opposition is using this as a propaganda tool, Sarawak Report editor calls on Malaysians to be patient as PH works to make the nation better.

North Vietnam’s propaganda stamps tell of a horrific war

To shore up morale during devastating US raids, North Vietnam issues postage stamps boasting of their successes in shooting down US aircraft.

Putrajaya is losing the info war, says PKR Youth

Youth wing says the people are furious because of lack of information from government channels which trail far behind news media.

Russian trolls shift strategy to disrupt US election in 2020

FireEye's John Hultquist says that the trolls are amplifying the content instead of creating their own, promoting politically divisive messages

China aims to ‘optimise’ spread of controversial Confucius Institutes

The Confucius Institutes have drawn criticism for being little more than a propaganda arm of the ruling Communist Party.

Russia rejects Indonesia election ‘propaganda’ accusations

In a tweet, the Russian embassy in Jakarta says the term 'Russian Propaganda has no basis in reality.

Prove BTN courses weren’t political, LFL tells Chief Registrar

Lawyers for Liberty questions the Chief Registrar's claim that there was nothing political about the mandatory courses for judges held just before GE14.

Facebook uncovers new meddling before 2018 US elections

32 Facebook and Instagram pages and accounts were removed in efforts to combat foreign meddling in US elections but stopped short of identifying the source of misinformation.

Lawyers group: Entire court system may be tainted by BTN brainwashing

Lawyers for Liberty calls for the formation of an inquiry panel to ascertain how far BTN’s propaganda has penetrated the judicial system and to institute remedial measures.

Tech giants face terror law in EU crackdown on internet hate

The European Union is set to propose a tough new law -- threatening internet platforms, big and small, with fines if they fail to take down terrorist material.

Real history or propaganda? Fahmi challenges PH

Will textbooks be revised, asks activist who notes that a Form 3 History text has 10 pages on Umno and one wrong paragraph about leftist independence fighters PKMM.

Kim’s propaganda machine goes into hyperdrive over Trump meeting

During Kim’s three days in Singapore, North Korean state media trumpeted daily images never before seen in Pyongyang.

Report: 95% Chinese but less than 30% Malays voted for PH

Straits Times daily says the roughly equal split in Malay votes among PH, PAS and BN will have major implications in future elections.

Close down ‘toxic’ BTN now, says Nik Nazmi

PKR Youth chief says National Civics Bureau 'operates in a Cold War framework' while young Malaysians have moved on and are more hopeful about the country’s future in a way that BTN never foresaw.

PH tidak akan guna media kerajaan untuk propaganda, kata Khalid

Ini konsisten dengan pendirian kerajaan baru tentang kebebasan akhbar, kata pengarah komunikasi Amanah.

Vietnam jails Facebook user for posts seen as anti-state propaganda

Bùi Hiếu Võ was jailed for four and a half years.

BN to Malaysians: We’re down, now we watch PH

The same scrutiny BN was subjected to is now needed on the new PH government, says Eric See-To, a day after his party's historic downfall.

BN: Don’t believe PH claims advance votes have been counted

BN's Eric See-To says advance votes for security forces and overseas voters will only be counted on May 9.

Bots flood Twitter with anti-Pakatan messages

Two hashtags used 44,100 times by 17,600 Twitter users, most of them bots, says US research firm.