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Allowing foreigners to buy homes for less makes sense, says Rehda

The nation's largest property developer group says the money can be ploughed back into affording housing.

List out those condos for foreigners, says Johari

Former second finance minister says transparency is needed to ensure property developers do not abuse the system.

A budget in search of a vision

What exactly is going on? It is hard to figure out what vision animated the recently-announced 2020 budget.

Zuraida, Guan Eng under fire over property threshhold

The Association of Victims of Abandoned Properties Malaysia says the ministers' remarks give the impression that the government is disjointed.

More HK property investors turning to Malaysia, Singapore amid unrest

Adding to the allure of Malaysia is its relative affordability and prices much lower than Hong Kong.

Does a renovated unit get you higher returns?

Every buyer has a different view when it comes to the issue of renovation, so tread carefully.

The Rise owners let down by shoddy work

The Penang chief minister tours project after 500 out of 952 buyers complain of flaws and defects.

Foreign buyers aren’t that stupid, says Guan Eng

The finance minister addresses concerns that property developers may increase prices to attract foreign buyers.

5 best spots to install CCTV cameras at your home

Installing a CCTV system is recommended to ensure that people who may have the potential to harm you and your family do not get a chance to.

4 unpleasant things to expect during a home renovation

While delays are inevitable, dust and noise pollution are other inconveniences you will have to put up with.

Murdered banker’s family to file suit to remove wife of inheritance

Their lawyer says Ling Hang Tsyr has 75% control of the estate as she has custody of the son.

Minister says 90% of Kg Baru landowners accept govt’s RM850/sq ft...

Khalid Samad says price based on professional valuation.

HK property prices remain resilient in face of protests

A buyer says she is only confident that Hong Kong real estate prices won’t drop.

Small apartment but big on style

Here are some creative ideas to add your own style and flair to a small apartment.

Zuraida urged to let developers handle their high-end glut

National House Buyers Association says the government should focus on affordable housing.

Zuraida fends off criticism on 2nd HOC campaign

The minister says it would only be for high-end houses which would otherwise be left empty.

The poor still need PPR rental scheme, Putrajaya told

Property expert Ernest Cheong says PPR units are still the best way to ensure housing for the poor at a minimum cost.

Wrecking ball swinging closer to homes as authorities scorn families’ pleas

Vulnerable residents desperately fending off well-connected developers’ offers in last ditch struggle

What if you retire without owning any property?

Invest your money and do buy a property to stay in when you retire and your income stops.

6 urgent reasons to get the war on rats under control

Besides carrying fatal diseases, rats bring the risk of mites and fleas into your home, damage wiring and contaminate food supplies.

Hong Kong investors shun Singapore for homes in Malaysia, Taiwan

Hong Kong has held the title of the world’s least affordable real estate for the past nine years, and unhappiness over property prices is one factor fueling the current unrest.

Affordability versus accessibility: Understand the difference

No down payment, bank mortgages or high rental rates doesn't make owning a property more affordable, just more accessible. And this is not a good thing.

Developers plan big push to sell houses to Hong Kongers

Developers intend to capitalise on the increasing number of Hong Kong residents looking for houses in Malaysia.

Concrete out as wooden skyscrapers sprout across the world

The construction of tall wooden buildings from Amsterdam to Tokyo underline growing environmental concerns over the harmful impact of concrete.