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Jong Nam case legal precedent favours accused whose defence is called

A court judgment has become a legal precedent for the prosecution to supply statements recorded by investigation agencies when offering witnesses to the defence, say lawyers

Prosecution closes case, Najib to know fate on Nov 11

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas offers defence 66 witnesses should the former prime minister be called to answer his charges.

Two Japanese face prosecution for attempting to join IS

Facing the consequences of their actions, two Japanese may face prosecution as they travelled to Syria to fight for the Islamic State.

Prosecution postponed in Johor chemical pollution case

The office of the deputy public prosecutor has asked the Department of Environment to obtain more information on the matter.

Prosecution drops appeal against acquittal of Blackout 505 activists

Deputy public prosecutor S Malini Anne informs the High Court that they have no intention of pursuing the appeal any further.

Lawyers label Shafee’s attack on prosecution as professional misconduct

As a senior lawyer and officer of the court, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah has a duty to maintain decorum to preserve and defend the Bar's reputation, they say.

MACC should get prosecutorial powers, says DAP man but others disagree

Boo Cheng Hau says there is no need to fear that the MACC will have too much power but an anti-graft NGO and a former MACC adviser say it can lead to abuse.

RM9.5 million case won’t affect my position as Najib’s lawyer, says...

Shafee Abdullah claims there are individuals who want him off the defence team of Najib Razak as they are not confident about their case against Najib.

Umno denounces Guan Eng’s acquittal

'Goodbye, rule of law,' says Annuar Musa. 'It stinks to high heaven,' says Khairy Jamaluddin. 'It doesn't make sense,' says Azalina Othman.

Sulaiman Abdullah replaces AG as lead prosecutor in Najib case

AG Tommy Thomas also appoints Gopal Sri Ram as senior DPP to spearhead the process of studying investigation papers, preparing charges and prosecuting accused at the trial.

Child marriage: Investigation papers submitted to AG

Police officer Saroja Egamparam says their job is to investigate and they will now leave it to the attorney-general to decide what to do next.

Jong Nam murder: D-day for two

Indonesian Siti Aisyah and Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong will know their fate tomorrow.

Those who leak sensitive 1MDB info face prosecution, warns AG

Tommy Thomas says information was leaked about a Singapore legal firm being appointed to recover money from 1MDB proceeds.

AG: I have no power to rush investigators over 1MDB probe

Tommy Thomas says his task only begins once the investigation papers are handed over to him.

Insulting Umno charge: Prosecution drops appeal against Rafizi’s acquittal

Shah Alam High Court had acquitted Rafizi of the charge on July 13 last year.

Lawyer: Khairuddin willing to settle suit if compensation is adequate

Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla says he will write to the Attorney-General's Chambers to get them to consider the 1MDB critic as a victim of the BN government.

Lawyers: AG should inform public final outcome of Altantuya probe

Counsel N Sivananthan says AG Tommy Thomas should advise the government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) should he decide that no one else is to be prosecuted.

Lawyer Shafee denies charging Najib RM2.4 million

The lead counsel says he and his client have yet to decide on legal fees.

Court has not fixed any dates for Najib’s trial, says AGC

It says the High Court only indicated the possible dates to hold the trial.

Lawyers: Najib not entitled to documents right after charges

They say the prosecution must supply the documents it will rely on before the trial, but not necessarily straight away.

Shafee: Prosecution in Najib’s case ‘not prepared’

Najib Razak's lawyer says the prosecution team, led by Attorney-General Tommy Thomas, seems to be still looking for evidence in the case.

IGP denies Zakir Naik is to be deported

Media outlets in India had reported that the preacher was to be flown to the country tonight.

Bar queries legality of task force’s action over Najib’s arrest, prosecution

George Varughese says the 1MDB Special Task Force has no legal standing to decide whether former prime minister Najib Razak will be charged.

French lawyer plans to meet Mat Sabu on Scorpene case

C4 and Suaram said those responsible for the controversial submarine deals need to be held accountable and prosecuted.