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Raid uncovers dozens of China prostitutes in Philippines

Women 'smuggled to work as prostitutes exclusively for Chinese nationals'.

Employee at Britain’s HK mission detained in China over prostitution

Britain has expressed its extreme concern after Simon Cheng was detained in the border city of Shenzhen. 

34 women held for offering RM170 an hour sex package

Anti-vice raids carried out at four premises including a massage parlour at Dataran Mentari, Petaling Jaya.

Interpol rescues child slaves from West African markets

The children rescued were between the ages of 11 and 16 and came from Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and Togo.

K-pop Big Bang member to retire after alleged sex bribery case...

Lee Seung-hyun decided to retire from showbiz after he was charged with providing prostitutes to foreign investors in his private club.

Paedophiles target Malaysian kids after infamous Asian countries up pressure

Ordinary Malaysians are unaware of the problem, with families innocently handing kids over to 'aunties' acting for sex syndicates, claims Tenaganita.

Singaporean gets 25 years’ jail for forcing wife into prostitution, sex...

He also forced her to secretly film herself having sex with customers.

Escort who claimed Trump secrets ‘committed no crimes’

Anastasia Vashukevich was arrested last week after being deported from Thailand.

Promised jobs in Malaysia, 20,000 Nigerian women held by sex traffickers...

The women and girls, most aged 16-30, are feared to have been trafficked to Mali where they are stranded after being forced into prostitution.

Spain police smash ‘black magic’ transsexual prostitution ring

Police said the gang forced its victims into prostitution, made them consume and sell drugs and sometimes locked them up in the flat where they faced continued threats and even physical beatings.

Venezuelan exiles turn to prostitution to feed families

Back in Venezuela, they were teachers, police officers and newspaper carriers, but were forced to flee their homeland in search of work and money to survive.

Sex, drugs and slavery? Human trafficking hidden in UK hotels

LONDON: Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll – nothing new for the hospitality industry but British hoteliers say loud music, used condoms and alcohol...

Terengganu to study ‘shariah jail’

The state MB is studying the proposal seriously.

Woman in Terengganu to be caned for prostitution

The sentence will be carried out at the Kajang Women’s Prison in Selangor.

Wan Azizah: Cabinet unhappy over caning of single mum for prostitution

She says Cabinet feels caning gives bad impression of Islam and humiliates offenders.

Single mum gets jail, whipping for prostitution

Court orders for the 30-year-old to be whipped at the prison where she serves her sentence if she does not appeal against it within 14 days.

International prostitution ring crippled after PJ, Subang raids

Immigration Dept says the syndicate was offering sex services from foreign prostitutes using the WeChat app.

Mexican traffickers hold children hostage to force women into sex work

Over the past decade, federal authorities have investigated 169 cases of human trafficking in Puebla and Tlaxcala, including forced prostitution.

Lap dancing goes from risque to risky in Israel

Though prostitution itself is legal in Israel, most related activities, such as soliciting, pimping and brothel-keeping, are criminal offences.

100 women freed from sex traffickers in Mexico

Found in a dawn raid on a central Mexico City brothel, they included women from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela, in Latin America, and in eastern Europe.

Cambodia launches crackdown on Chinese prostitution rings

Chinese investment in Sihanoukville has topped US$1 billion but the money comes with a rise in illegal sex services.

Mother, stepfather on trial in Germany for pimping son online

A mother and stepfather charged with selling their young boy online for sex went on trial in Germany on Monday, in a case that police say is one of the most atrocious they have investigated.

Russian prostitutes to avoid World Cup as strip clubs cash in

Irina Maslova said a police crackdown will make it impossible for the majority of workers in the illegal trade to operate during the tournament, despite shock headlines about hordes of fans looking to pay for sex.

Ex-sex worker made a dame in New Zealand honours list

Catherine Healy was instrumental in bringing about New Zealand's 2003 decriminalising of sex work and the introduction of some of the most liberal prostitution laws in the world.