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RM60 mil for environment protection good but give us details, say...

Environmentalists want to know how the additional federal allocation will be used and whether states will stop relying on logging for income.

Make registration a must for Malaysians wishing to work abroad, says...

Human rights NGO says Putrajaya should learn from the Philippines, whose citizens follow a fixed protocol before migrating for labour purposes.

Send foreign workers home if you cannot protect them, Putrajaya told

Tenaganita says Malaysians cannot keep quiet any longer and let foreign workers continue to suffer.

Time for all of us to ‘bangkit’, not just the Malays

The “Melayu Bangkit” rally would have been more useful if the organisers had galvanised the Malays to make full use of government initiatives to help uplift the Bumiputeras.

Suhakam tells off youth and sports ministry over LGBT issue

The human rights commission says the ministry should not have caved in to pressure over hiring an LGBT activist and that the constitution guarantees equality for all citizens.

Race against time: Officials struggle to protect Rohingya refugees ahead of...

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has said the number of Rohingya refugees now in Bangladesh has swelled to over 720,000.

Sabah should join Sarawak to fight Petronas

It goes without saying that any unfavourable outcome from Petronas’ action will also affect Sabah.

Petronas suit: Sabah’s case different from Sarawak’s, says Warisan leader

Parti Warisan Sabah permanent chairman VK Liew says Sabah has different issues, such as oil blocks overlapping with Brunei and Indonesia.

I did what I could in the system we had, says...

Former minister Paul Low says it was he who reversed the transfer of several MACC officers who investigated 1MDB.

Malay interests will be protected by PH, assures Khalid Samad

PH's candidate for Shah Alam says Malays should not believe the narrative that only Umno can protect Malays and that rejecting PAS is rejecting Islam.

Wan Azizah: I’m standing in Pandan to honour, defend Rafizi

The PKR president says she is sad that Rafizi is not standing, and hopes to defend his seat in the five-cornered fight this election.

Bill will protect media from being victims of fake news, says...

He says there is no attempt to suppress press freedom and the press need not be worried as they are just merely reporting what is happening.

Expert on how to keep kids safe from sexual predators

An investigator who helps rescue children says giving them a curfew or even using high privacy settings on social media is not enough to keep them safe.

Move to allow cross-border marriage amnesty welcomed

Two Muslim organisations say Kedah's proposal will help protect the interests of children who have been left ‘stateless’ because their parents' marriages are not recognised.

Sexual harassment often swept under the carpet, says women’s NGO

Women's Aid Organisation says this is largely to protect the institution's image or those in power, and calls for clear policies in the workplace to handle the problem.

Orangutan population in Sabah stable over 20 years, say NGOs

They laud Sabah government's move to preserve 30% jungle cover and ensure forest corridors for orangutans to freely move around.

Experts: Laws, greater vigilance sorely needed to curb data breach

They warn that with online threats becoming harder to detect, any organisation or individual could be vulnerable.

Conclude regional agreement to protect foreign workers, says Malaysian Bar

M Ramachelvam says the present arrangement of bilateral labour agreements does not adequately protect migrant workers or workers' welfare, or ensure decent work for migrants.