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Tag: protectionism

Trump talks trade at G20, China’s Xi warns against protectionism

US President Donald Trump has made it clear that trade is a top priority at a summit of leaders of Group of 20 nations.

Protectionism slammed as Asean leaders rally to trade pact

Southeast Asian leaders make an impassioned plea against protectionism at a regional summit in Bangkok, warning that a dragging US-China trade spat could hammer their export-led economies.

Expert lists 5 key risks by governments to businesses

Lin See Yan says developed countries like the US and Europe are no longer viewed as stable business and investment markets.

Malaysia warns of ‘domino effect’ from US-China trade tensions

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says other developed countries will take their cue from Washington and Beijing if protectionism is allowed to spiral.

China warns of protectionism as US trade row simmers

Tensions between the UN and China were heightened last week when US President Donald Trump threatened to hit all China's exports to the US worth more than $500 billion.

Rethink move for new national car, please

Don’t let another generation of Malaysians undergo the ordeal of overpriced cars of hopeless quality.

G20 agriculture ministers slam protectionism, pledge WTO reforms

The ministers say they had affirmed their commitment not to adopt "unnecessary obstacles" to trade, and affirmed their rights and obligations under WTO agreements.

Miti sets up task force to monitor US-China trade war

Companies in Malaysia are encouraged to reach out to the task force to voice out any challenges they are facing as a result.

India slaps 25% safeguard duty on Chinese, Malaysian solar cells

The tariff, which will be applicable for two years, will be lowered to 20% for the first half of the second year and 15% for the second half.

Trade war’s surprise winner in Asia: Chinese government debt

Chinese and South Korean notes are climbing as the rise in protectionism batters their stock markets, drives a flight to safety and, in China’s case, prompts a more dovish monetary policy.

New TPP trade agreement faces protests in Chile

Protest organisers say that the TPP 'is an international economic agreement that, despite criticism from the public for lack of information and public debate.

Shares drop as key Trump adviser’s departure heightens trade war fears

Cohn's departure seen as tilting the US towards protectionism.

Germany warns protectionism is ‘wrong path’ for US

The German government believes that protectionism will be bad for both Europe and the United States.

In free trade U-turn, Modi raises India’s import duties

Narendra Modi has been ensnared by a global wave of protectionism that could threaten the FDIs India needs to achieve double-digit growth