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Tag: Protest

Spanish PM under pressure over Catalan protests

Nearly 600 people have been injured in clashes with police since the protests started.

Trudeau environment policy a letdown for young Canada activists

Canadian environmentalists view Trudeau's move as betrayal.

Hong Kong tightens security ahead of planned protest

Pro-democracy leaders calls citizens to join despite risk of arrest.

Party quits Lebanon govt after third day of protests

Demonstrators celebrate coalition party's resignation.

More violence feared as Catalan separatists call for new protest

Authorities estimate that around 500 people have been injured since Monday even before the latest clashes erupted.

Convo protest student can collect transcript, says UM board

The Universiti Malaya board chairman says it is not withholding Wong Yan Ke’s scroll and academic transcript or revoking his degree.

Hong Kong leader backs police use of force as protesters plan...

More than 2,600 people have been arrested since the protests escalated.

Thunberg brings her climate protest to Canada’s oil patch

Counter-protesters showed their distaste by blaring their horns during Thunberg's speech.

Angry over Brexit, thousands to gather in London demanding new referendum

The campaign director said government should heed the anger of pro-Europeans.

Violence escalates in Barcelona after over 500,000 separatists protest

Radical Catalan separatists hurled rocks and fireworks at police, who responded with teargas and rubber bullets.

UM student protester deserves our respect

This young student displayed more courage and integrity than most of our politicians.

Chinese nationals hold protest outside bank over investment company

They urge the Chinese embassy to look into their plight.

UM student in graduation day protest probed for ‘intentional insult’

Graduate who staged lone protest call by police to give statement.

S. Korea minister quits over privileges afforded to his family

Resignation comes amidst investigations, public protests.

Thousands march in Barcelona against Catalan independence

Verdict in the trial of leading separatists expected early next week.

Petrol bombs thrown in HK metro as hundreds march in anger

Kowloon Tong station seriously damaged in attack, confirms government.

Mexico cabbies protest Uber, interrupt city activity

Parts of Mexico’s capital paralysed since 5am as 4,000 cabbies in 800 white-and-pink vehicles rallied.

Extinction Rebellion activists occupy Paris mall

The protest comes ahead of planned disruption to 60 cities around the world.

Scores arrested after fresh Indonesia protests

Police questioning those detained to determine whether or not they are students.

Hong Kong on lockdown as China anniversary celebrations begin

Police expect a ‘very serious violent attack’ from anti-government protesters.

Police fire tear gas as Indonesian student protests turn violent

Demo against legal reforms causes traffic gridlock and chaotic scenes in Jakarta.

Thousands rally across Indonesia in fresh legal-reform protests

2 dead and hundreds injured in biggest student rallies since 1998 demonstrations toppled Suharto.

Police resort to tear gas to break up yellow vest protesters

Even after the use of tear gas and water cannons, demonstrators continue to gather in the city streets.

HK protesters set busy schedule ahead of China National Day

Joshua Wong is expected to announce he’ll run for local district council elections in November.